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    Pin the Sleaze on the Party!!

    29 May 2009, 1:44 pm
    Hours of endless know what you have to do on 4th June!!!

    Enough is not enough for these people...

    29 May 2009, 10:46 am
    It is a scandal that well paid MPs and MEPs then go on to use more public money to "employ" family members. DO THEY NOT GET IT?? This is NOT money that is theirs by right, to do with as they please - it is PUBLIC MONEY, which should be spend in the most effective and efficient way possible.

    Ask yourself this question - what are the mathematical odds that family members would, by ANY objective standard, just happen to be the best candidate for the job, had it been thrown open to fair competition? So its a double-whammy for the taxpayer - we pay top rate for services, yet arguably get second rate people filling the jobs.....but hey, who cares as long as our representatives get to enrich themselves.

    The list below shows it cuts right across all parties.

    Make a difference on June 4th - a vote for a party candidate is a vote for greed.
    June 4th is Independents' day - vote Jury Team and let the parties know that that you are sick to the back teeth with their scams and fiddles.

    MEPs who acknowledge that their relatives work for them
    Richard Ashworth Conservative: Sally Ashworth (wife)
    Jim Allister Independent: Karen Allister (daughter)
    Sir Robert Atkins C: Lady Dulcie Atkins (wife)
    John Bowis* C: Caroline Bowis (wife)
    Philip Bushill-Matthews* C: Angela Bushill-Matthews (wife)
    Martin Callanan C: Jayne Burton (wife)
    Michael Cashman Labour: Paul Cottingham (partner)
    Giles Chichester C: Virginia Chichester (wife)
    Richard Corbett Lab: Anne Corbett (wife)
    Nirj Deva C: Indra Deva (wife)
    Den Dover* Ind: Kathleen and Amanda Dover
    Nigel Farage UKIP: Kirsten Farage (wife)
    Malcolm Harbour C: Penny Harbour (wife)
    Chris Heaton-Harris* C: Jayne Heaton-Harris (wife)
    Roger Helmer C: Sara Harmer (wife)
    Ian Hudghton Scottish Nationalist: Lily Hudghton (wife)
    Stephen Hughes Lab: Cynthia Beaver (wife)
    Dr Syed Kamall C: Sandira Beekoo (wife)
    Robert Kilroy-Silk Ind: Jan Kilroy-Silk (wife)
    Timothy Kirkhope C: Caroline Kirkhope (wife)
    Baroness Ludford Lib Dem: Steve Hitchens (huband)
    Neil Parish* C: Susan Parish (wife)
    Brian Simpson Lab: Mark (son) and Linda Simpson (wife)
    David Sumberg* C: Carolyn Sumberg (wife)
    Charles Tannock C: Silvia Janicinova (wife)
    Gary Titley* Lab: Charo Titley (wife)
    Geoffrey van Orden* C: Frances van Orden (wife)
    Diana Wallis Lib Dem: Stewart Arnold (husband)
    Graham Watson Lib Dem: Rita Giannini-Watson (wife)
    Glenis Willmott Labour: Edward Willmott (husband)
    * Not standing for re-election

    MPs hard done by? I think not....

    29 May 2009, 12:18 am
    I'm getting a bit sick of our discredited representatives whining on that the allowances were only there to make up for low pay. I found a very interesting piece on the BBC which nails the lie.

    The average weekly income for a couple with no children is £390 per week after tax and benefits. An MP, with no children and assuming a non-working partner has a weekly salary of over £800.....this puts them above 91% of the population, or about 55 million people.

    Add in the expenses, and the weekly total goes up to around £1,100 per week - this puts them at around the 96% mark, or put another way, they earn more than 58 million people. A working partner takes them even further up the household income scale.

    Keep these figures in mind the next time you see one of these hard done by wretches making excuses for fiddling the system to the max. Keep it in mind when you hear of pensioners dieing of hypothermia over the winter, because they can't afford to put the heating on. Keep it in mind when you hear of families struggling to keep a roof over their heads. Keep it in mind on June 4th when you go to the polls.

    A vote for a party candidate is a vote for greed. June 4th is Independent's day - vote Jury Team to end the sleaze.

    Run for your lives

    29 May 2009, 12:16 am
    An article in today's Gruinard suggests that over 50 Labour MPs have asked to be sent to the Lords.....This is staggering - they obviously realise that the writing is on the wall, and they can't bear to be thrown off the gravy train. Who the hell do they think they are, with their arrogant belief that they have a divine right to rule?

    I broadly had no problem with the old unreformed House of Lords - at least being there through an accident of birth was generally less corrupt than the current "reformed" patronage system. But as we've started down the road of reform, its time to go the whole way and move to an elected second chamber, with fixed terms.

    Best quote from the article? "We are doomed," one senior Labour figure told the Guardian.
    (I'm taking bets on the identity of the mystery senior figure, but the smart money is on a certain Chancellor...)

    Oh, and my message for the 50 MPs? Don't you know that it takes more than a request to No. 10 - word on the streets that you have to enclose a cheque with your letter...going rate is around the £1M mark. And no, you can't charge it to expenses.

    Less than a week to go - a vote for any party candidate on June 4th is a vote for corruption. 4th June is Independent's day - vote Jury Team, and take away the politicians toys.

    Fame at last!!!

    28 May 2009, 11:32 pm
    Tonight saw a little piece of electoral history made, with the first ever Party Election Broadcast by the Jury Team (Actually, it aired on GBC in Gibraltar last night, which makes it a first for the South West).

    Anyway, me and Mrs B had a starring role in the broadcast (fleeting shot, left hand side, 3 rows back at the recent team launch). At least the subsequent texts from my friends prove that someone was watching.

    I'll be milking my new found fame - I'm available for weddings, bar-mitzvahs, funerals, after dinner fact I'm open to offers - have Elvis costume, will travel (and as I told a colleague this afternoon, I'm licenced to carry out religeous and civil ceremonies in all states of the US, apart from New York....but thats another story)