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I am not a professional politician. I am a mother of four children who was moved by anger with the quality of people running our country to stand. My beliefs are straightforward, maybe simple: the maximum freedom of the individual consistent with personal responsibility, common sense, straightforwardness and family. So you think I am not qualified? Well, perhaps not being a qualified politician is an advantage when you look at the shambles in Westminster and Brussels! Anyway, being a housewife is the hardest job of the lot - it's not one I am ashamed of. We bring up the future generations. We should have more of a say in how we shape the future of those generations. Please give me that chance, for all of our sakes.
Areas of interest - reasons and personal views
Area : Education and Skills
Reason : Schools are our future. Plant a seed, and you feed someone for a year. Plant a tree and you feed them for ten years. Educate people and you feed them for life. I believe that we need to bring our schools back to the high standards that used to exist in this country. I have experience of both state and private education and have seen the best and worst of both.
Views : The paralysis over streaming and grammar schools is to the detriment of our schooling system, as is the total lack of authority over unruly behavior. I believe in streaming and in the re-introduction of healthy competition in academic subjects and sports.
Area : Environment
Reason : Our environment is our quality of life. I have always supported sensible environmental policies and long felt that our reliance on fossil fuels had to be reduced.
Views : I think that there should be a clear balance between the needs of the economy and the need to watch the environment, especially to do as much as possible to reduce emissions.
Area : Agriculture and Food
Reason : Just because we are in an economic recession does not mean that concerns over food supplies for all of us, not just poorer countries, should be forgotten.

Views :
Other political issues of interest
I am worried by the steady destruction of our countryside and the lack of support for rural affairs. Few people in power have a real understanding of how rural communities work or the needs of country people. Once people get into parliament, they only concentrate on cities, where the majority of votes are.
Summary of life and career
I have been married for 23 years and brought up my four children, who have been schooled in both the state and private sectors. I have huge experience as the home back-up to a hard working husband and I have also done a considerable amount of fundraising for charity. I have always felt that the homemaker/parent is under represented and undervalued, to the point that people are often afraid to admit that you have spent your life bringing up children. People don’t take that crucial job seriously enough. I admire anyone who can juggle with career and childrearing, but I also believe that much more value should be placed on people who decide to make the home their career.

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  • Nonie Bouverat
    by Nonie Bouverat 9 years ago
    Given that New Labour and Conservatives are now taking all the Jury Team ideas, it is hard to know whether to be furious or absurdly flattered? Sir Paul, over to you!
  • Nonie Bouverat
    by Nonie Bouverat 9 years ago