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Democratic Andy

62 years old
Suffolk Coastal
United Kingdom
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supports the aims of the Jury Team
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I am a normal individual with the same concerns for our future as most people in this corrupt and failing political system that governs us.

I am interested in politics but disillusioned by it, I want to help change the system but fear it can never be changed, I want hope for our children and grandchildren but I fear for their future.

I don't believe we should moan and groan unless we are willing to become involved and make a difference, I did that very thing in 2005 and was horrified to find the foot soldiers and activists let down by the so called party leaders and elite who were much more interested in their own ego's and personal political ambitions than the cause we were fighting for.

The arrogance shown by current MP's in all of the main parties is beyond belief, the majority of them do not deserve our support or our respect, indeed they deserve the wrath of those who trusted them and elected them.

Never before has the climate been right for a massive change in British politics, the people are looking for alternatives, now the time has come to offer that alternative.

I put forward to a group of likeminded political activists the idea of an alliance of independant candidates after a failed attempt to get a new political party off the ground in the 2005 General Election.

It is good to see the Jury team has come up with exactly the formula that I envisaged.

The big problem is getting enough of the electorate to accept a totally new concept of politics and government. A move completely away from political parties and towards true constituency representation. Most of the electorate vote in a general election for either a party or a prime minister not an MP, because they understand that government is party based and their MP is loyal to their party not their constituents. Hence people vote for the party that has policies most closely representing their own views and opinions of the various issues.

It will be a tough struggle to change that habit of a lifetime. Lets not forget though that Jury Team candidates should be also targetting with a vigour the majority of the electorate that do not vote. Indeed it may be within this group that they may find the greatest potential for success.

Independant candidates rarely achieve much success, with notable exceptions such as Kidderminster where the candidate focused on a very local issue of concern to a huge majority of the electorate. Therein lies the key to success. We need to forget about right wing and left wing, and we need to listen to the electorate, to what concerns them nationally and locally and offer to represent those concerns in parliament.

The big question people ask me about this idea of a new form of politics is exactly how government would function if a majority of MP’s in Parliament were independant. How would a parliament ever get a concensous to pass legislation.

My answer is that instead of the political elite dictating policy to MP’s in their party and forcing them to support it, the driving force would be the will of the majority of the electorate as represented by their independant MP. i.e True democracy in action.

This is not a change to fear, rather one to be embraced, such a system would wrestle power ffrom the politicians and return it to the people where belongs.

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