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  • jon eriksen
    by jon eriksen 8 years ago
    Smeaton as a national hero, hardly. A baggage handler out smoking a ciggie has a go at a terrorist that is already on fire. Smeaton becomes a myth, a legendery tale that will heighten as the years role by. Scotland has enough worthwhile heros without having to put Smeaton on that list of exemplary folk of our nation. What can Smeaton offer anyone? a working class hero, a voice for those that can relate to his character as a non middle class regular kind of guy. The one thing that he and Mikey, big brother fail to realise is that we don't need 15 minutes of fame nobodies trying to gain extra exposure for their own interests, trying to harp on that their endeavour is to free us from the self obsessed politicians of today. I have never bought into this Smeaton projecct of hero worship, as you can tell by now, so forgive me for this passionate brawl of distaste for the man, if you want to know what a hero is, try looking for those in our country that face difficult and dangerous decisions every day, throwing the dice and wondering what their own fate will be, rather than some guy that throws baggage onto and off a plane having a fly, get it, FLY, smoke at Glasgow airport. Sorry smeaton but i dont buy it nor will i ever think of it as your call in life to represent the people of our country. The apathy of the electorate is not one of cant be bothered voting syndrome but rather a, i'm not sure what the hell i am voting for syndrome. and i do not believe that their even is an apathy with the electorate, but that is another topic entirely.