Tick a box. Wait five years. Tick a box

Published by: Old Holborn on 25th Mar 2010 | View all blogs by Old Holborn


My voice. Hear it

Well, it's been five long years, and pretty soon, you're going to tick a box. Once.

And in another five years, you're going to tick a box again.

And that's it. That's as much democracy as you are allowed.

Now we know from both the Conservative and Labour Manisfestos that they lie and will not be held to them and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. So shut the fuck up and take it.

We also know that Labour rule us all with a rod of iron when only 9 million voted for them last time around. The majority who didn't get one chance every five years to change it. And vote for a different colour of liar who will tell them to shut up for five years whilst happily ignoring what they said they'd do in favour of what will make them personally rich (whilst passing 26,000 new laws you never asked for).

Take just five minutes and think of all the times you've shouted at the radio, thrown housebricks at the tellybox (twice in my household) and slammed the house door on your way to work after listening to John Humphries allow some oily Party shite to wriggle his way out of a simple question on the Today programme.

How many times do you sit and watch Question Time or Prime Ministers Questions and shake your head in disbelief?

How many laws have you watched a few hundred agenda driven people introduce without your consent?

How many times a day are those laws affecting everything you do, say, earn, spend, think?

A few hundred people are controlling every single aspect of your life. Day in, day out. For the next five years. If they pass a law requiring you to put both feet in a bucket of water before you leave the house, tough, Mr Squelchy feet, get moving, you'll be late. And before you laugh, millions of us are forced to stand in the rain outside a pub, in one of the coldest winters ever, because a few hundred people who don't smoke said we have to. And we do it. And if we don't, we go to prison. No, really.

I've long been a fan of Swiss Democracy. Apart from the fact they are the healthiest, richest, happiest, most educated and democratic people in Europe, a few hundred people in Parliament could not tell them that they had to accept minarets in their towns and cities. They decided they liked cuckoo clocks and chocolate, thank you very much. So cuckoo clocks and chocolate it is then. Not the vested interests of a few politicians who for whatever reason thought they could sell the whole of Switzerland in return for a few votes. And they can do that because they have to hold referendums on serious shit. They HAVE TO. It is not up to a few elected, vested interest droids. It's up to the people. The people who have to live with it.

No wonder they want fuck all to do with the EU.

Five years is a long time. Think carefully. Sign on the dotted line and they can do whatever they please. In your name.

I want my voice heard every day, hence this blog. Now I want YOUR voice heard. Hence me running for Parliament.

Direct Democracy. Your voice, in your parliament, in your country. About bastard time. Stop imagining. Take control of your life every day, not just once every five years. You owe it to your parents and to your children.

If you don't, Margaret Moran will happily run your life for you.


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  • Democratic Andy
    by Democratic Andy 8 years ago
    You make soime valid points, shame you have to ruin it with foul language.
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