Politicians know best

Published by: Old Holborn on 23rd Mar 2010 | View all blogs by Old Holborn

Politicians know best


Regardless of your political views, I can guarantee you are in a minority. Which currently means you don’t count.  Whatever box you put your cross is at the next general election is a vote for someone elses opinions. Don’t you have any of your own? Don’t you want YOUR voice heard?


Now whilst we all have the opportunity to be an MP, relatively few (with honest intentions) take up the option. We have real lives, real families and real jobs. The greasy pole of party politics is designed to enable only the most obediant and sycophantic of party animals to climb further than the first well lubricated inch of barb wire coated chrome.. Any prospective candidate will be judged on his ability to maintain the Party line, not the demands of his constituents. Mavericks, thinkers and individuals need not apply. Quotas are to be filled to prove some bizarre idealogical point lost on the guy sitting on the bus. Vested interests from Unions or big business jostle to get their man at the levers of power whilst the voters blissfully mow their lawns and hoover the lounge.



Our Political system has been constructed to give the power of decisions at all levels not to individuals, not to the voter, but to an elite cabal of Westminster  policy makers. Sixty one million people are forced to  live their lives according to the dictats of a handful of career politicians. Sure, your local MP promises to listen to you when he needs your vote but upon entry to that most hallowed (and abused) institution, the House of Commoners, where your voice is supposed to be heard exculsively, the muttered agendas of party whips trump your wishes every time. 646 MPs from the Left and the Right struggle to possess ever more control over the endless spending and lawmaking whilst outside, the people struggle to be heard. It matters not one jot that your local school is closing if the party in power decides that your local school must close. You could all sign a petition and receive the backing of every single voter in your constituency. You would in all probabilty be over ruled by a mere handful of loyal Party Politicians hundreds of miles away who have never spoken to you and refuse to listen to you. Your vote does not represent you. It represents the view of an aloof and distant third party.


How can we change that? How do we give democracy, with all it’s rights and responsibilities, back to the people it was built to serve, rather than feeding the Party Machine and its insatiable appetite for yet ever more power over your daily life?


You give every single voter a loud and clear voice in Parliament. Not just the Parties. Not just the winners. Not just the first past the post, but all them. With Direct Democracy.



So how can ordinary citizens fight an army of highly motivated and well funded career politicians to reclaim their Parliament?


Here’s an idea. I am an anonymous man in a mask. I am nobody. Don’t ask me who I am because is it of no importance. But what it does allow me to do is speak on your behalf. Just tell me what to say and I will say it. I have announced my intention to fight for the seat of Cambridge not on behalf of a Political Party but on behalf of ALL of the people of Cambridge. Every single one. I am your voice. My personal opinions are irrelevant. It is not my job to disagree with you. I am not standing to see my personal vision of the world imposed but yours. All of you. It is, after all, your Parliament, not theirs or mine.


Direct democracy works well in other countries. Ask the wealthy Swiss who their  President is and most cannot tell you. He is not important to their lives. Ask them who the local elected mayor is and chances are, they were shouting at him in the local pub just last week. And he was listening.

So tell me how you want YOUR vote cast and I’ll cast it. With the help of the local press, online questionaires and simply asking all of you for your opinion on every issue, I will vote the way the people of Cambridge tell me to. I cannot be whipped, I cannot be bribed and I cannot be corrupted by power. I have no vested interests. I am the voice of everybody. And nobody other than all of the good people of Cambridge (who I am paid to represent), gets to tell Old Holborn what to do.


Vote Guy Fawkes — The Only Man Ever To Enter Parliament With Honest Intentions.





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