New Way Forward

Published by: Democratic Andy on 2nd May 2010 | View all blogs by Democratic Andy
This is clearly not going to be the election that sees a breakthrough or large scale victory for independant candidates so we need a new way forward.

The Leaders debates have clearly been a part of the conspiracy to maintain the three party system and to convince the public there are only 3 choices in this election. It seems that people  are voting for a political party or president, not for a constituency MP.

The totally unfair exposure given to the three main players has scuppered any chance of small parties or independant PPC succeeeding in this election.
The sudden rise in popularity of Clegg based on his debate performance not his parties policies, shows just how powerful and influential the advantage unfairly given to these three characters has been, it may very well decide the outcome of the election.

The only way forward in my opinion is to play them at their own game. We need a "party" with a "manifesto" and a "presidential candidate"

Too late for this election but if we begin to prepare now we could be ready for the next time.

It may seem we would be going against all of the prinicples and core values of the Jury team, but in reality we are not going to achieve anything in the present format. The three main players and the media will ensure we don't.

We create a new "party". We formulate a core manifesto that is based around moderate policy solutions to the major issues such as the economy, crime, immigration etc, ie the major GE issues.  These will be core policies that all party members and PPC's would agree with, they would be policies that must strike accord with the wishes of the majority.

However we make it clear in our manifesto that if we gain power, the prime responsibility of each indivdual MP will be to their constituency and their electorate. We would abolish the party whip system so that each MP can vote in line with what is best for the electorate in their own constituency. Our MP's will be loyal to their constiuents first and the party second and that is what will distinguish us from other political parties.

It's a sort of a half way house to total independance of MP's but a half way house that I believe it's necessary to pass through to achieve our final goal of politics without parties.

I'm sure with enough publicity and some big name supporters it is the only way to break the current mould of our corrupt 3 party system.

I live in a rock solid safe conservative seat, our Tory PPC, who will win the seat without question,  tells us she is going to work for us ..  the people in her constituency. She is lying, she will work for the Tory Party and be nothing more than a Cameron puppet. She will not have the freedom to vote in the interests of her constituents, certainly not if she wants to progress her political career. That is why the current system is rotten to the core, it is not in the interests of MP's to represent those who elected them, we must change that basic fact. 

When will people smell the coffee and realise how they continue to be misled and lied to by politicians.



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