Published by: Alan Wallace on 7th Feb 2010 | View all blogs by Alan Wallace
The provisional list of candidates (and I apologise for any unintended omissions - this is just a quick update) for Jury Team is as follows -

Epsom & Ashtead Michael Guest
Birmingham Northfield Graham Burton
Dover Anthony Sansum
Bristol South Roger Whitfield
South Dorset Michael Clayton
Brent South Afsin Payravi
Graham Ross
Kingston Upon Thames David Carter
Barking Alex Cartwright Obasola
Jemma Mansel
North Somerset Daniel Davies
Wythenshawe & Sale East William Jones
Chatham & Aylesford Heather Kavanagh
Lewisham West and Penge  Paul Judge
Nuneaton Steve Diffin
Hastings & Rye Andy Dumas
Suffolk Coastal Andrew Parker
Neath John Donovan
Jules Sherrington
Edinburgh North & Leith Frank Kelly
Elizabeth Warren
Gravesham Alice Sakura Dartnell
Middlesborough Derrick Arnott
Joshua Skoczylis
Bournemouth East Steven J Humphrey
Anant Vyas
Sleaford & N Hykeham Andrew Moore
Keith Kennaugh
Forest of Dean John Muir
Gillingham Alan Collins
Dagenham & Rainham Gordon Kennedy
David Hitchman
Arundel & S Downs Mark Mason
Bridgwater WR Cudlipp

This is NOT a complete list, nor is it a settled one. As you all know, Jury Team candidate selection is very much an online process. The website was designed to handle regions for the Euros and has had to be rebuilt and re-formatted for the Parliamentary elections. Look to see the website open for applications within the next 7-8 days.



  • Heather Kavanagh
    by Heather Kavanagh 8 years ago
    I notice some names in adjacent to my constituency. I'm thinking we should make contact and pool resources. Is this something JT HQ could help organise?
  • Alan Wallace
    by Alan Wallace 8 years ago
    It's certainly a good idea, which is what this site was set up for. I think (though I'm not sure) once the candidates go up on the main JT website, there's a facility for contacting them there.
  • Heather Kavanagh
    by Heather Kavanagh 8 years ago
    That would be excellent. *goes back to sourcing proposers*
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