Alliance for Democracy....Is the Jury Team biased after all?

Published by: Michael Mckechnie on 1st Apr 2010 | View all blogs by Michael Mckechnie
Let me start off by saying that i'm not Christian, i'm not heterosexual and i'm not right wing. So I can't really understand why we are in bed with the AfD, with our leader being the head of it. This issue came up before and there was no official response, and now we are very close to the election there seems to be silence on the issue.

I don't want to be associated with a party who cut funding for Pride (English Democrats) because they "don't think councils should be spending money on them parading through town advertising their sexuality."  And how about the Christian Party, who wish to make Britain a more Christian country with bizarre policies such as making sex education 'opt-out', only letting fundamentalist Christians into schools and raising the speed limit on motorways?

I am not comfortable with our 'alliance', and I am especially not comfortable with Sir Judge being the top dog in a far-right group of parties merely formed to gain votes.

As a Buddhist Gay Leftist/Liberal, my vote will go somewhere else if this continues. I refuse to vote for a party that puts more emphasis on one side than the other. Aren't we supposed to be independent? Why didn't we get to vote on this?



  • Old Holborn
    by Old Holborn 8 years ago
    I'm not in bed with anyone.

    In answer to the above points, do you think it's fair to tell the entire population to pay for a celebration of your sexuality?
  • Michael Mckechnie
    by Michael Mckechnie 8 years ago
    When there is funding for different minority festivals and events, I don't see how sexuality should be different - LGBT people are in the minority, and Pride works to make this minority visible. Prides aren't usually completely funded by councils either - gay charities, bars, and companies usually like to fund part of it as well, so the population aren't paying as much.
  • Democratic Andy
    by Democratic Andy 8 years ago
    I'm sorry, but I believe ALL discrimination is wrong and that includes positive discrimination in favour of minorities. There is no need for it if we foster a society where all people are treated equally and fairly. how much public funding goes into supporting these minority groups, money we cannot afford.

    A whole industry has developed around diversity and equality within the public sector forced upon them by government targets and ill thought out policy, it costs the taxpayer many millions and to dubious advantage other than discriminating agains majority groups.

    By all means be whoever you want to be but don't expect the majority to fund discrimination in your favour.
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