Apr 5th

A man in a mask

By Old Holborn

An anonymous man in a mask standing for Parliament?

Old Holborn MP.jpg


This is a joke right? Maybe not.


One of the UK’s top political bloggers, Old Holborn has decided to do just that. Armed with an official nomination from the Jury Team, he’s out to woo those in Cambridge fed up with the shenanigans of our elected representatives and dressed as Guy Fawkes perhaps blow a hole through the Party system at Westminster


Why the mask?


Who I am or what I look like is irrelevent. I wanted an image that would associate me with Parliament without being associated to sleaze, expenses and abuse of power. Guy Fawkes, the only man to enter the Houses of Parliament with honest intentions seemed perfect.


Why the Jury Party?


Voters are sick of being told what to do. The current party system means whoever you vote for, you will not be represented. The agendas of a few dozen career politicians, backed by either big business or unions will always have priority over you. They’ll tell you how it’s going to be for the next five years, not the other way around. The Jury Team simply did something no other party has done. They asked the electorate what they wanted and then put it in the manifesto. Simple, eh?


So what issues will you be standing on?


What the people have told us they want. My views are secondary. I want to be the voice of everyone in Cambridge. I want direct democracy, where voters have the power to change things. Referendums to challenge the 646 career politicians in Parliament, where OUR voice tells them what we want for a change. I want us to be consulted more than twice a decade. It is after all, our Parliament. Something perhaps the big three parties have forgotten in their scrabble for influence and power. People want to be asked about Europe. People want an English Parliament. People want their voices heard. If we can elect a winner on X-Factor, we can change the way our Parliament represents us. And why not? We’re the ones paying for it, after all.


And if you decide I’m not doing my job properly, I want you to be able to fire me.


Can an Independent really change things?


One thing is for sure. It cannot continue the way it is. Corruption, MPs in court, ministers for hire, peerages for sale and no way for the electorate to change things and call them to account.



The people of Hartlepool elected a man in a monkey suit for Mayor. They’d simply had enough of the current Party offerings. Like most voters, they’d realised a career politician wasn’t going to look after them. He’d most certainly look out for himself though, jumping through whatever hoops demanded of him by the Party whip. That isn’t democracy. And they showed their continuing contempt for the Party system by re-electing him. Twice. The candidate you vote for today is not there to do your bidding. He’s there to do the bidding of his Party.


What can we expect from a man in a mask?


My political career is based on upsetting the comfortable status quo in Parliament. I fully intend to ask awkward questions and hold them to account. Unrestricted by a Party Whip, I’m free to tell Parliament what the people of Cambridge really think, not just what they want to hear. In language they may not like. Having your voice heard is not something we are allowed to do once every five years. It should be always be the first voice heard. Parliament belongs to each and every one of us. Or at least it used to, before the big Party machines decided that we no longer count.


Keep an eye out for me in Cambridge over the next few weeks. I’m not easy to miss.


More at www.oh4mp.com




Apr 1st

Need for change.

By Jim Shorts
I have always been interested in politics and have supported Labour for most of my life. Unfortunately  like many others I have become increasingly disillusioned with present day British political parties. I have always believed in equality for all and thought the Labour party offered this. But to see so many of them involved in the expenses scandal left me extremely disappointed. When I came across The Jury Team site and I was very impressed with the proposals they were advocating. So much so, I added the link onto my own blog http://watsurslant.blogspot.com so that others could read them. The time has never been more right than now for the electorate to make a significant change to the politics in this country.
Apr 1st

Alliance for Democracy....Is the Jury Team biased after all?

By Michael Mckechnie
Let me start off by saying that i'm not Christian, i'm not heterosexual and i'm not right wing. So I can't really understand why we are in bed with the AfD, with our leader being the head of it. This issue came up before and there was no official response, and now we are very close to the election there seems to be silence on the issue.

I don't want to be associated with a party who cut funding for Pride (English Democrats) because they "don't think councils should be spending money on them parading through town advertising their sexuality."  And how about the Christian Party, who wish to make Britain a more Christian country with bizarre policies such as making sex education 'opt-out', only letting fundamentalist Christians into schools and raising the speed limit on motorways?

I am not comfortable with our 'alliance', and I am especially not comfortable with Sir Judge being the top dog in a far-right group of parties merely formed to gain votes.

As a Buddhist Gay Leftist/Liberal, my vote will go somewhere else if this continues. I refuse to vote for a party that puts more emphasis on one side than the other. Aren't we supposed to be independent? Why didn't we get to vote on this?