Jan 11th

Alliance for Democracy

By Frances Spelling
How do Jury Team people feel about the Alliance for DEmocracy? Is it a good thing that Jury Team are now linked to Veritas, the Christian Party and the English Democrats? Will this give the Jury Team a better chance at the General election?

“The Alliance for Democracy is an Alliance of political parties who together polled 719,655 votes in the 2009 EU Elections, jointly campaigning in the 2010 UK General Election for much-needed practical and political reform”

Referenda for the People

- on European Union membership to control our borders and halt immigration.

Fairness for the People

1) English Parliament in England

2) Scottish Referendum on independence in Scotland

3) Welsh Parliament

Justice for the People

- Army Style punishment “Boot Camps” for convicted criminals

Nationality of the People

-Citizenship is a privilege not a right – no convictions for 10 years.

Reform for the People

Proportional representation in elections.

Jan 9th

Can You Help?

By Steve Lawrence
A general election is looming so I appeal to everyone who supports the JT and seriously wants to further our cause to please contact us urgently. We will need help on the ground in all areas. Please contact us with your details and the areas that you could lend a hand to, so that we can begin to organise a strong election campaign.

Thank you.
Steve Diffin