Sep 28th

New Members

By Austin Compson-Bradford
We have had many people wishing to sign up and have pointed them to our social site please try to make them as welcome as is possable
Sep 25th

A long day

By Alan Wallace
Well - today we got the Jury Team bandwagon back on the road.  A lot of new faces but the same enthusiasm. We've made a splash and I'm sure you've all seen the ripples spread through the media in your part of the world.

Our new candidate is a real local hero, but one that has perhaps had a bit of a two-dimensional treatment in the press. It's not until you meet him and chat for a minute that you realise what a fundamentally decent and thoroughly good guy this is.  We know he's Glaswegian and therefore knows all about Glasgow and the problems therein, but he's also an enthusiastic supporter of Jury Team. He has been courted by the SNP in the past and Labour wanted him to stand for them against David Davies. He turned them down because partisan party politics wasn't for him. Interesting to see SNP & Labour supporters looking down their noses at him and saying he's not smart enough to be an MP. He was plenty smart enough when they wanted to pin their rosette on him.

Within minutes of his candidature being announced, the Tory & Labour candidates were eagerly seeking his endorsement. We got e-mails asking John to support this measure or that measure. Well sorry,  John's got his own ideas.

For those that say he isn't up to the job - take a look around you.  Economic ruin, environmental disaster,  never ending foreign wars,  people dying because they go into a hospital, bread & circus politics - can an ordinary man not fail to be an improvement on the 646 clowns that have brought us to this state?

The next eight weeks promise to be ... interesting.  Please visit to keep abreast of the latest developments.
Sep 25th

Our Man In Glasgow

By Nonie Bouverat

So great to see our new Jury Team member getting mainstream press coverage. Good luck for Glasgow!