Aug 31st

Independents everywhere

By Austin Compson-Bradford
Follow this link to that that anyone can stand anywhere and represent what they believe Russia,s first black politician.
Aug 26th

Another Esther?

By Nonie Bouverat

As the host of BBC's Watchdog, she struck terror into the hearts of swindling shopkeepers and fly-by-night conmen.

And now Lynn Faulds Wood has MPs' expenses-scandal couple Alan and Ann Keen in her sights, as she considers following Esther Rantzen's lead by standing against one of the Keens in the next election.

Lynn says the couple 'have brought discredit on to what should be an honourable profession', adding: 'I wouldn't dream of having a second home in Central London when I live in Twickenham  -  and they live in Brentford [which is even closer to Westminster].'

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Aug 20th


By Austin Compson-Bradford

The Lockerbie bomber released, do you think this is good or bad, personnally, I think it shows Scottish compassion, which I hope may spread and make others more compassionate

Aug 18th

policy on Bank bonus

By Austin Compson-Bradford
Is the current prespective Labour policy correct in applying pressure to the banks to reduce the bonuses and then allowing self regulation. or should we take the conservative line and give the task to the Bank of England. I feel that legislation is required to enforce a maximum bonus. OK so some of these guys may go overseas, I am sure there are equally good guys snapping at their heels for the jobs. No one is invaluable to any organisation.
Aug 17th


By Graham Burton
hi all

looks like we have 7 of the european candidates and new some new faces as well to looking at a conference, venue to be decided on once know numbers that are attending.  also the date to be decided once we find a location.

i have suggested to keep it awa from bournmouth and brighton in september due to other poltical parties conference being held their.

so if you belive in the jury team, sign up to th jury team by going to and keep an eye out on this site as well for more details on jury team conference.