Jul 30th

sponsor my work colleagues

By Graham Burton
hi all

i am using all the resources i have to assit my fellow work colleagues raise sponsorship money for the 3 peaks Challenge details are below so please sponsor them. i have put the link below. graham

Some of us from SBC have decided that life's not challenging enough. That's why we have decided to walk three mountains in 24hours starting on 30th July. Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis. We have decided that whilst doing this we would like to raise money on behalf of the National Autistic Society. Over 500,000 people in the UK have Autism, that's 1 in every 100 people. Autism is relatively unknown and misunderstood. People with autism and their families do not get the level of help, support and understanding they need. Please help to change this by sponsoring us on our 3-Peaks Challenge on behalf of the NAS. Thanks for visiting our fundraising page. Donating through Justgiving is quick, easy and totally secure. It's also the most efficient way to sponsor us. National Autistic Society gets your money faster and, if you're a UK taxpayer, Justgiving makes sure 25% in Gift Aid, plus a 3% supplement, are added to your donation.So please sponsor us now!

Jul 29th

The Jury Team( what else)

By Martin Green
I've just had a chance to view videos of some of the founders.
 I'm very impressed, as I knew I would be, for the courage to stand up and be counted, from the captains at the helm. They all say the same things but NOT with the same voice, which is very reasuring. This means they are honest people( just as we are, cut from the same cloth of decency) who can take no more fodder for the masses=tripe.

The video about MEPs was very disturbing, who are these ferrets sneaking about their ivory tower?

I hear they have never filed accounts for many years, I'm not advocating not sending in yours due to 'discrimination' a violation of your human rights! yes I am!

This is the basis of the EU isn't it? equal rights across borders, then lets start with the border MEPs have erected against 'us the people' to know how much they cost us 'for the value? for money' they give us.

Anyone got any solutions?
Jul 28th

Everyone needs to read this post by Alan

By Steve Lawrence
by Alan Wallace 23 mins ago

The electorate don't vote a party in, they vote the other lot out. To get the "other lot" out, they'll vote for whoever seems to have the best chance of beating them.

We have to get to the position where people really believe we are going to win. That means hype, big time. It means targeting a constituency and flooding it with volunteers. Not just for a few weeks before an election, but for months in the run up. It means someone knocking on your door every week or so. The local paper should have a letter from someone in Jury Team every single week. Ideally, there'll be a photogenic story there too. Every jumble sale and car boot sale should have a Jury Team stall. Adverts & posters should be prominent in the constituency and refreshed constantly.

The main parties have teams of activists they can call on. Jury Team need to better them at every turn. If they put a team of leafletters out, we put three teams out. If they put 100 posters up, we put 300 up. If they have 20 people out in the High Street on a Monday, we have 60 people out the next day and the day after and the day after.

If you are serious about standing, start working now. Start putting together lists of people willing to help out, where they are & when they're available. Build your network.

So Who is really interested in the east and west midlands,, Time to stand up and be counted,

Jul 28th

Working together & The JT soap box

By Steve Lawrence

We need to make people aware of the Jury Team and our joint aims as a group of independents working together, As we don’t have the funding to engage on expensive regional area offices, we could organise into local groups where we could gather information about the JT and local Independents wishing to stand in a particular area pool in together and pay for weekly market stalls where people could come along and ask questions and learn more about us and the JT and maybe we could gather the views of the local community via a questionnaire, print off the logo for the JT and make it as visible as possible for very little outlay. We have to start some where. Just an idea I thought I would throw out there?????????????????????????

We have to start working together to take this thing forward , Yet I see so Little in the way of us doing so.

Jul 28th

Increase our vote at the general election

By Austin Compson-Bradford
It strikes me that in recent years, only 50-60% on average of the voting population bother to turn out and vote, to put it another way, 40-50% of the population do not vote.

There is a great deal of research currently on the voter, the engaged population, but for sometime now, no new research by the major parties seem to have given up to this non engaged voting aged population,  unispired part of the population.

Now it strike me that if we can increase the turnout, by targetting the unengaged and unispired get an extra 10-15% of the voting population to turn out and vote for us, we would only require to take 3-5% of f the major parties  vote to win up to fifty seats.

2 questions
why do they not vote and
How do we inspire them
Jul 28th

Labour or Conservative?

By Steve Lawrence
After the results of the Norwich by-election, I cant help but come to the conclusion the british public get and deserve what they vote for.

Time after time we elect a  government whome we become disenchanted with, to then elect another govenrment to replace the one before and time and time again history repeats itself by replacing one lot of self servers with another, Do they really not see through the words of David Cameron hitting the right notes that take advantage of the electorate  and their concerns, yet again is the voter really so easy to sway? Do they not remember the last tory government and its reputation as the party of sleaze during it's last foray into government, Is it that the electorate just dont see any viable option or is it the historical two party option they have become so historically  accustomed to, just like the diehard labour or tory voter of the past?

I think the British public are very suspicious of anything new and dont believe voting for an independent anything other than a wasted vote, I dont think we in our lifetimes can change this way of thinking. So as someone pointed out the electorate accepts the party concept all so naturally, should we be taking advantage of this fact?

Are the electorate about to install a Conservative government with such a huge majority that when we become disenchanted by the sleaze and self interest policies (that we know as proven by history will once again fill the headlines) it will take three general elections to rid ourselves of yet again.

Are we really going to give the next Tory government  a majority in the region of 288 - 300 With which to ride roughshod over us all over again just like the govenrment we are all complaining about righ now?

I have the answer YES THEY WILL. God help us. Yet again.

Steve Diffin
Jul 27th

Poor area communication

By Austin Compson-Bradford
How do we get the word out to the really poor areas of the UK, I have recently spent some time looking at Glasgow North East. The speakers old constituancy, which has a long Labour history and that can be overturned. but the problem is how to get the message across to areas like this one, where people are so poor less than 50% of homes have anyone working, so forums such as this twitter face book do not get through, people do not have computers.
In Election times we will turn up and make our pitch, but what about in between times.
Jul 17th


By Austin Compson-Bradford
The situation in Afghanistan, bothers me greatly as a retired soldier, and having studied the history of the region we have no change of winning, in recent history the Russian lost, the Turks lost, British empire lost, eben the Roman empire could not hold the region, I think we need an urgent exit stratigy