Jun 16th

Bring me sunshine...

By Perry Wilsher

Ok I’m out.

I think there has been a lot of energy and passion for change demonstrated throughout this process, in the election, in the back and forth of emails sent and on this site, but I have to move on now.

To those of you I have met or had contact with – I have enjoyed our interactions and been pleasantly surprised that they have been almost entirely positive. Keep fighting, keep pressuring and stay passionate.

To Jury Team and Sir Paul – thanks for the opportunity to at least try and make a difference. I have seen my name on a ballot paper and shook Martin Bell’s hand, not things that I ever expected to do. And thanks for the feeling no matter how brief it was, that what we were doing was important.

Some of you have my email, or you can find me on Twitter as ‘perrywilsher’ or on my Blog (Something i only learned to do through this project)


Jun 15th

All change...

By Perry Wilsher

'Vote for a change'... apparently not a pro menopausal action group as i first thought...
Jun 12th

OK, so let’s talk primaries...

By Perry Wilsher

Just some thoughts and suggestions.

The candidate should live in or have some strong connection to the Region/constituency they wish to stand in. Or the candidate should have some special reason for being considered in a region/constituency. Such as - a desire to stand against a corrupt,  incompetent or otherwise undesirable opponent, where no better local candidate can be found (as per Martin Bell’s example).

We should have a period where we all work to increase on the ground membership. Then only the members within a given region/constituency can vote on who of those putting themselves forward should represent the Jury Team in that area.


Finally, I would suggest we consider changing the name. Any name that has to be explained is not a good name. In order not to lose any recognition factor we have gained i would suggest we drop the ‘Team’ and change to ‘The Jury Party’. This small change at least makes us sound like a political entity. This would also do away with the problem of are we a party or not. We can position ourselves as the fresh face of politics – a party of true independents standing against the tired old closed party system of vested interests.


Thoughts please?

Jun 8th

When fear triumphs...

By Perry Wilsher

Just posted on http://perrywilsher.blogspot.com/

What a sad day. The Jury Teams failure to make any sort of breakthrough pales into complete insignificance when compared to the national tragedy of Britain sending two BNP/NF MEP’s to represent us in Europe. How ironic that the celebration of the part the UK played in liberating Europe from one Fascist threat should coincide with us supplying our own new fascists infiltration into Europe.
Far right extremists are something you expect from other nations not from ours. I actually feel ashamed this morning.
My two hopes now are that - as Nick Griffin has a high profile platform, his true colours will show through and that when they do the Great British public will recoil from him, his party and his ideals.

June 4th wasn’t ‘Independent’s Day’ it turned out to be ‘The saddest day’.

If you listen carefully you can hear the weeping of the thousands of fallen British and commonwealth soldiers who sacrificed so much in stopping the fascist threat before, only for us to hand them power and position so freely now.

Jun 7th

Must do better...

By Perry Wilsher

I am now horrified at the very real prospect that the BNP might get an MEP, it is bad enough that UKIP might increase their number.

 We should have been the proper home of the protest vote not these extremist incompetents...

I cannot help but feel a responsibility that i did not manage to get the message out to enough people that the BNP are dangerous and that UKIP has already proven itself useless.

a worried


Jun 6th

David 'Shaggy' Cameron, "It wasn't me"...

By Perry Wilsher


Cameron dog.jpg

Thank God we have such a squeaky clean reformer in David ‘Shaggy’ Cameron to lead us out of this mess and into a nice blue tinted future. Cameron can finally sort out all those corrupt Conservative MP’s unlike the chap who was in charge of the Party whilst all the corrupt claims were being made. What was his name? Cameron won’t suppress any investigations into allegations like the leader of the Tory party did. What was his name? Cameron won’t personally work to stop the publication of the John Lewis list like the Leader of the Conservative Party did last year. What was his name...Oh yes, David Cameron.

It’s like trusting Fagin to discipline the artful dodger and his mates.

Put simply, Cameron as leader, knew what his MP’s were doing and was therefore complicit or he didn’t and was therefore incompetent. Either way he is unworthy.
Jun 5th


By Perry Wilsher
Anyone heard any estimates of the euro turnout?
Jun 5th

How low will it go?

By Perry Wilsher

Hi all

Just got in from a really nice night in the pub – any idea what the turnout was?

When I voted at 7pm the woman at my local station said turnout was really poor she estimated 10% only so far and wasn’t expecting any late rush.

I spoke to an old friend, who had spent three hours out in the boiling sun leafleting on my behalf on Tuesday, getting sunburnt in the process. He then spent another two and a half hours handing leaflets out for me yesterday, both locally and in the city centre...He just told me he had actually voted Labour...