Dec 30th

jury team party conference

By Graham Burton
should we not hold a party conference before the general election in May.  it wassaid that we hold off until the glasgow by election was over.

we should do this ASAP
Nov 26th

Keep Cadbury British, sign the petition

By Graham Burton
I work in Birmingham and this is part of my heritage as a Brummie.

We need to make sure Cadbury stay in British hands. Just down the road from Cadbury was Rover at Longbridge. Rover does not exist today as we have all seen on the news and the Cadbury site is tiny compared to what Longbridge used to be.

So please sign the petition

Oct 13th

glasgow north east lastest and website

By Graham Burton
hi glasgow north east campaign

could you please make sure the jury team website is up to date on what is happening and also let us know where other information is being put online.

is it faceboo, myspace, twitter, juryteam socialgo ad so on.

scotland please keep engalnd, wales informed
Aug 17th


By Graham Burton
hi all

looks like we have 7 of the european candidates and new some new faces as well to looking at a conference, venue to be decided on once know numbers that are attending.  also the date to be decided once we find a location.

i have suggested to keep it awa from bournmouth and brighton in september due to other poltical parties conference being held their.

so if you belive in the jury team, sign up to th jury team by going to and keep an eye out on this site as well for more details on jury team conference.
Jul 30th

sponsor my work colleagues

By Graham Burton
hi all

i am using all the resources i have to assit my fellow work colleagues raise sponsorship money for the 3 peaks Challenge details are below so please sponsor them. i have put the link below. graham

Some of us from SBC have decided that life's not challenging enough. That's why we have decided to walk three mountains in 24hours starting on 30th July. Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis. We have decided that whilst doing this we would like to raise money on behalf of the National Autistic Society. Over 500,000 people in the UK have Autism, that's 1 in every 100 people. Autism is relatively unknown and misunderstood. People with autism and their families do not get the level of help, support and understanding they need. Please help to change this by sponsoring us on our 3-Peaks Challenge on behalf of the NAS. Thanks for visiting our fundraising page. Donating through Justgiving is quick, easy and totally secure. It's also the most efficient way to sponsor us. National Autistic Society gets your money faster and, if you're a UK taxpayer, Justgiving makes sure 25% in Gift Aid, plus a 3% supplement, are added to your donation.So please sponsor us now!
Jul 13th

Thursday's Vote for a Change rally to send Parliament that message - and it came through loud and clear.

By Graham Burton

"I choose change."

Hundreds of people came together at last Thursday's Vote for a Change rally to send Parliament that message - and it came through loud and clear.

We're through with waiting for our politicians to stop letting us down. We're done hoping for our broken political system to right itself.

We're fighting for change, and a true say in who represents us in Parliament - starting now.

Thanks to everyone who came down to the rally, submitted a question for our panelists, and sent in a photo to star in our campaign kick-off video.

Take a look at the video, which we launched at the rally - then send it to a friend to spread the word about our campaign:




Because of your activism, we've got a great start out of the gate.

But last Thursday was just the beginning of our fight to fix Parliament - and the clock's ticking for us to make it happen.

We've got an historic opportunity to change our political system to give voters a real voice, but it won't be open long. We've got until November 5th to persuade politicians to hold a referendum on the way we elect our MPs.

We can't waste a moment in building momentum for real reform, and for putting pressure on our leaders to take action.

Help build that momentum now by sharing our campaign video with a friend:

Thank you again for all your support.

I'm so glad you're with us as we wage this fight for the future of our democracy. Nothing less is at stake.
Willie Sullivan
Vote for a Change

Jul 8th

westminster rally tomorrow attend

By Graham Burton
hi all

for the ones that have said it be to quite from the candidates that stood for the european election their is this event at westminster if you click on the events link on the left hand side you get more details and it is at 6.00pm i beleive.

i also belive that 4 or 5 european candidates that stood for the jury team will be attending.  I am diffenrtly attending this tomorrow.

so if you got the time and what to met other like minded people on independant politics than come and meet the some of the europrena candidtes from the jury team and i beleive their my be some famous people their as well such as martin bell

Jun 10th

hayden philips report

By Graham Burton
Jules S has has sent the intrim report via email to all candidates i have just read some of it is interesting and he wnats to take the views of this to the public.

if i get a chance i put these links up for everyone to see and read unless someone elese does it before me.
Jun 10th

hayden philips intrim report with links

By Graham Burton
Jun 9th

west midlands results from sunday night

By Graham Burton
hi all

io just thought you may be interested to know what the results was for the west midlands constitency on sunday night.

constitency name       no of votes
Shropshire 532
Dudley 410
Coventry 354
Sandwell 353
Bromsgrove 339
Solihull 330
Stafford-on-Avon 307
Stafford 301
Hall Green 299
Hereforsshire 299
Wychavon 297
Walsall 280
Warwick 280
Worcestor 280
Wolverhampton 264
Telford & Wrekin 259
Stoke-on-Trent 239
Wyre Forrest 221
Staffordshire Morrlands 216
South Staffodshire 202
Ladywood 189
Malvin Hills 189
Sutton Coldfield 187
Newcastle-under-lyme  183
Rugby 172
Hodge Hill 170
East Staffordshire 159
Nuneaton & bedworth 157
Redditch 154
Cannock Chase 141
Lichfield 138
Northfield 132
selly oak 126
Tamworth 124
Perry Barr 115
Edgbaston 111
North Warwickshire 106
yardley 103
Erdington 67