May 2nd

New Way Forward

By Democratic Andy
This is clearly not going to be the election that sees a breakthrough or large scale victory for independant candidates so we need a new way forward.

The Leaders debates have clearly been a part of the conspiracy to maintain the three party system and to convince the public there are only 3 choices in this election. It seems that people  are voting for a political party or president, not for a constituency MP.

The totally unfair exposure given to the three main players has scuppered any chance of small parties or independant PPC succeeeding in this election.
The sudden rise in popularity of Clegg based on his debate performance not his parties policies, shows just how powerful and influential the advantage unfairly given to these three characters has been, it may very well decide the outcome of the election.

The only way forward in my opinion is to play them at their own game. We need a "party" with a "manifesto" and a "presidential candidate"

Too late for this election but if we begin to prepare now we could be ready for the next time.

It may seem we would be going against all of the prinicples and core values of the Jury team, but in reality we are not going to achieve anything in the present format. The three main players and the media will ensure we don't.

We create a new "party". We formulate a core manifesto that is based around moderate policy solutions to the major issues such as the economy, crime, immigration etc, ie the major GE issues.  These will be core policies that all party members and PPC's would agree with, they would be policies that must strike accord with the wishes of the majority.

However we make it clear in our manifesto that if we gain power, the prime responsibility of each indivdual MP will be to their constituency and their electorate. We would abolish the party whip system so that each MP can vote in line with what is best for the electorate in their own constituency. Our MP's will be loyal to their constiuents first and the party second and that is what will distinguish us from other political parties.

It's a sort of a half way house to total independance of MP's but a half way house that I believe it's necessary to pass through to achieve our final goal of politics without parties.

I'm sure with enough publicity and some big name supporters it is the only way to break the current mould of our corrupt 3 party system.

I live in a rock solid safe conservative seat, our Tory PPC, who will win the seat without question,  tells us she is going to work for us ..  the people in her constituency. She is lying, she will work for the Tory Party and be nothing more than a Cameron puppet. She will not have the freedom to vote in the interests of her constituents, certainly not if she wants to progress her political career. That is why the current system is rotten to the core, it is not in the interests of MP's to represent those who elected them, we must change that basic fact. 

When will people smell the coffee and realise how they continue to be misled and lied to by politicians.

Apr 5th

A man in a mask

By Old Holborn

An anonymous man in a mask standing for Parliament?

Old Holborn MP.jpg


This is a joke right? Maybe not.


One of the UK’s top political bloggers, Old Holborn has decided to do just that. Armed with an official nomination from the Jury Team, he’s out to woo those in Cambridge fed up with the shenanigans of our elected representatives and dressed as Guy Fawkes perhaps blow a hole through the Party system at Westminster


Why the mask?


Who I am or what I look like is irrelevent. I wanted an image that would associate me with Parliament without being associated to sleaze, expenses and abuse of power. Guy Fawkes, the only man to enter the Houses of Parliament with honest intentions seemed perfect.


Why the Jury Party?


Voters are sick of being told what to do. The current party system means whoever you vote for, you will not be represented. The agendas of a few dozen career politicians, backed by either big business or unions will always have priority over you. They’ll tell you how it’s going to be for the next five years, not the other way around. The Jury Team simply did something no other party has done. They asked the electorate what they wanted and then put it in the manifesto. Simple, eh?


So what issues will you be standing on?


What the people have told us they want. My views are secondary. I want to be the voice of everyone in Cambridge. I want direct democracy, where voters have the power to change things. Referendums to challenge the 646 career politicians in Parliament, where OUR voice tells them what we want for a change. I want us to be consulted more than twice a decade. It is after all, our Parliament. Something perhaps the big three parties have forgotten in their scrabble for influence and power. People want to be asked about Europe. People want an English Parliament. People want their voices heard. If we can elect a winner on X-Factor, we can change the way our Parliament represents us. And why not? We’re the ones paying for it, after all.


And if you decide I’m not doing my job properly, I want you to be able to fire me.


Can an Independent really change things?


One thing is for sure. It cannot continue the way it is. Corruption, MPs in court, ministers for hire, peerages for sale and no way for the electorate to change things and call them to account.



The people of Hartlepool elected a man in a monkey suit for Mayor. They’d simply had enough of the current Party offerings. Like most voters, they’d realised a career politician wasn’t going to look after them. He’d most certainly look out for himself though, jumping through whatever hoops demanded of him by the Party whip. That isn’t democracy. And they showed their continuing contempt for the Party system by re-electing him. Twice. The candidate you vote for today is not there to do your bidding. He’s there to do the bidding of his Party.


What can we expect from a man in a mask?


My political career is based on upsetting the comfortable status quo in Parliament. I fully intend to ask awkward questions and hold them to account. Unrestricted by a Party Whip, I’m free to tell Parliament what the people of Cambridge really think, not just what they want to hear. In language they may not like. Having your voice heard is not something we are allowed to do once every five years. It should be always be the first voice heard. Parliament belongs to each and every one of us. Or at least it used to, before the big Party machines decided that we no longer count.


Keep an eye out for me in Cambridge over the next few weeks. I’m not easy to miss.


More at

Apr 1st

Need for change.

By Jim Shorts
I have always been interested in politics and have supported Labour for most of my life. Unfortunately  like many others I have become increasingly disillusioned with present day British political parties. I have always believed in equality for all and thought the Labour party offered this. But to see so many of them involved in the expenses scandal left me extremely disappointed. When I came across The Jury Team site and I was very impressed with the proposals they were advocating. So much so, I added the link onto my own blog so that others could read them. The time has never been more right than now for the electorate to make a significant change to the politics in this country.
Apr 1st

Alliance for Democracy....Is the Jury Team biased after all?

By Michael Mckechnie
Let me start off by saying that i'm not Christian, i'm not heterosexual and i'm not right wing. So I can't really understand why we are in bed with the AfD, with our leader being the head of it. This issue came up before and there was no official response, and now we are very close to the election there seems to be silence on the issue.

I don't want to be associated with a party who cut funding for Pride (English Democrats) because they "don't think councils should be spending money on them parading through town advertising their sexuality."  And how about the Christian Party, who wish to make Britain a more Christian country with bizarre policies such as making sex education 'opt-out', only letting fundamentalist Christians into schools and raising the speed limit on motorways?

I am not comfortable with our 'alliance', and I am especially not comfortable with Sir Judge being the top dog in a far-right group of parties merely formed to gain votes.

As a Buddhist Gay Leftist/Liberal, my vote will go somewhere else if this continues. I refuse to vote for a party that puts more emphasis on one side than the other. Aren't we supposed to be independent? Why didn't we get to vote on this?
Mar 25th

Tick a box. Wait five years. Tick a box

By Old Holborn


My voice. Hear it

Well, it's been five long years, and pretty soon, you're going to tick a box. Once.

And in another five years, you're going to tick a box again.

And that's it. That's as much democracy as you are allowed.

Now we know from both the Conservative and Labour Manisfestos that they lie and will not be held to them and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. So shut the fuck up and take it.

We also know that Labour rule us all with a rod of iron when only 9 million voted for them last time around. The majority who didn't get one chance every five years to change it. And vote for a different colour of liar who will tell them to shut up for five years whilst happily ignoring what they said they'd do in favour of what will make them personally rich (whilst passing 26,000 new laws you never asked for).

Take just five minutes and think of all the times you've shouted at the radio, thrown housebricks at the tellybox (twice in my household) and slammed the house door on your way to work after listening to John Humphries allow some oily Party shite to wriggle his way out of a simple question on the Today programme.

How many times do you sit and watch Question Time or Prime Ministers Questions and shake your head in disbelief?

How many laws have you watched a few hundred agenda driven people introduce without your consent?

How many times a day are those laws affecting everything you do, say, earn, spend, think?

A few hundred people are controlling every single aspect of your life. Day in, day out. For the next five years. If they pass a law requiring you to put both feet in a bucket of water before you leave the house, tough, Mr Squelchy feet, get moving, you'll be late. And before you laugh, millions of us are forced to stand in the rain outside a pub, in one of the coldest winters ever, because a few hundred people who don't smoke said we have to. And we do it. And if we don't, we go to prison. No, really.

I've long been a fan of Swiss Democracy. Apart from the fact they are the healthiest, richest, happiest, most educated and democratic people in Europe, a few hundred people in Parliament could not tell them that they had to accept minarets in their towns and cities. They decided they liked cuckoo clocks and chocolate, thank you very much. So cuckoo clocks and chocolate it is then. Not the vested interests of a few politicians who for whatever reason thought they could sell the whole of Switzerland in return for a few votes. And they can do that because they have to hold referendums on serious shit. They HAVE TO. It is not up to a few elected, vested interest droids. It's up to the people. The people who have to live with it.

No wonder they want fuck all to do with the EU.

Five years is a long time. Think carefully. Sign on the dotted line and they can do whatever they please. In your name.

I want my voice heard every day, hence this blog. Now I want YOUR voice heard. Hence me running for Parliament.

Direct Democracy. Your voice, in your parliament, in your country. About bastard time. Stop imagining. Take control of your life every day, not just once every five years. You owe it to your parents and to your children.

If you don't, Margaret Moran will happily run your life for you.
Mar 23rd

Politicians know best

By Old Holborn

Politicians know best


Regardless of your political views, I can guarantee you are in a minority. Which currently means you don’t count.  Whatever box you put your cross is at the next general election is a vote for someone elses opinions. Don’t you have any of your own? Don’t you want YOUR voice heard?


Now whilst we all have the opportunity to be an MP, relatively few (with honest intentions) take up the option. We have real lives, real families and real jobs. The greasy pole of party politics is designed to enable only the most obediant and sycophantic of party animals to climb further than the first well lubricated inch of barb wire coated chrome.. Any prospective candidate will be judged on his ability to maintain the Party line, not the demands of his constituents. Mavericks, thinkers and individuals need not apply. Quotas are to be filled to prove some bizarre idealogical point lost on the guy sitting on the bus. Vested interests from Unions or big business jostle to get their man at the levers of power whilst the voters blissfully mow their lawns and hoover the lounge.



Our Political system has been constructed to give the power of decisions at all levels not to individuals, not to the voter, but to an elite cabal of Westminster  policy makers. Sixty one million people are forced to  live their lives according to the dictats of a handful of career politicians. Sure, your local MP promises to listen to you when he needs your vote but upon entry to that most hallowed (and abused) institution, the House of Commoners, where your voice is supposed to be heard exculsively, the muttered agendas of party whips trump your wishes every time. 646 MPs from the Left and the Right struggle to possess ever more control over the endless spending and lawmaking whilst outside, the people struggle to be heard. It matters not one jot that your local school is closing if the party in power decides that your local school must close. You could all sign a petition and receive the backing of every single voter in your constituency. You would in all probabilty be over ruled by a mere handful of loyal Party Politicians hundreds of miles away who have never spoken to you and refuse to listen to you. Your vote does not represent you. It represents the view of an aloof and distant third party.


How can we change that? How do we give democracy, with all it’s rights and responsibilities, back to the people it was built to serve, rather than feeding the Party Machine and its insatiable appetite for yet ever more power over your daily life?


You give every single voter a loud and clear voice in Parliament. Not just the Parties. Not just the winners. Not just the first past the post, but all them. With Direct Democracy.



So how can ordinary citizens fight an army of highly motivated and well funded career politicians to reclaim their Parliament?


Here’s an idea. I am an anonymous man in a mask. I am nobody. Don’t ask me who I am because is it of no importance. But what it does allow me to do is speak on your behalf. Just tell me what to say and I will say it. I have announced my intention to fight for the seat of Cambridge not on behalf of a Political Party but on behalf of ALL of the people of Cambridge. Every single one. I am your voice. My personal opinions are irrelevant. It is not my job to disagree with you. I am not standing to see my personal vision of the world imposed but yours. All of you. It is, after all, your Parliament, not theirs or mine.


Direct democracy works well in other countries. Ask the wealthy Swiss who their  President is and most cannot tell you. He is not important to their lives. Ask them who the local elected mayor is and chances are, they were shouting at him in the local pub just last week. And he was listening.

So tell me how you want YOUR vote cast and I’ll cast it. With the help of the local press, online questionaires and simply asking all of you for your opinion on every issue, I will vote the way the people of Cambridge tell me to. I cannot be whipped, I cannot be bribed and I cannot be corrupted by power. I have no vested interests. I am the voice of everybody. And nobody other than all of the good people of Cambridge (who I am paid to represent), gets to tell Old Holborn what to do.


Vote Guy Fawkes — The Only Man Ever To Enter Parliament With Honest Intentions.

Mar 12th

My Blog

By Ian Hudson
My blog can be found at
Feb 21st

Get Tweeting, get putting the word out

By Alan Wallace
This site has hundreds of members who, by definition, are internet social-media friendly.  Can I ask all of you to start following the Jury Team on Facebook & Twitter and more importantly,  start commenting on articles or replying to and re-tweeting tweets?

The more of a ripple we create online, the more chance candidates have of recognition on the streets and on the doorsteps.

We need the name Jury Team mentioned as often and as widely as possible.
Feb 7th


By Alan Wallace
The provisional list of candidates (and I apologise for any unintended omissions - this is just a quick update) for Jury Team is as follows -

Epsom & Ashtead Michael Guest
Birmingham Northfield Graham Burton
Dover Anthony Sansum
Bristol South Roger Whitfield
South Dorset Michael Clayton
Brent South Afsin Payravi
Graham Ross
Kingston Upon Thames David Carter
Barking Alex Cartwright Obasola
Jemma Mansel
North Somerset Daniel Davies
Wythenshawe & Sale East William Jones
Chatham & Aylesford Heather Kavanagh
Lewisham West and Penge  Paul Judge
Nuneaton Steve Diffin
Hastings & Rye Andy Dumas
Suffolk Coastal Andrew Parker
Neath John Donovan
Jules Sherrington
Edinburgh North & Leith Frank Kelly
Elizabeth Warren
Gravesham Alice Sakura Dartnell
Middlesborough Derrick Arnott
Joshua Skoczylis
Bournemouth East Steven J Humphrey
Anant Vyas
Sleaford & N Hykeham Andrew Moore
Keith Kennaugh
Forest of Dean John Muir
Gillingham Alan Collins
Dagenham & Rainham Gordon Kennedy
David Hitchman
Arundel & S Downs Mark Mason
Bridgwater WR Cudlipp

This is NOT a complete list, nor is it a settled one. As you all know, Jury Team candidate selection is very much an online process. The website was designed to handle regions for the Euros and has had to be rebuilt and re-formatted for the Parliamentary elections. Look to see the website open for applications within the next 7-8 days.
Jan 11th

Alliance for Democracy

By Frances Spelling
How do Jury Team people feel about the Alliance for DEmocracy? Is it a good thing that Jury Team are now linked to Veritas, the Christian Party and the English Democrats? Will this give the Jury Team a better chance at the General election?

“The Alliance for Democracy is an Alliance of political parties who together polled 719,655 votes in the 2009 EU Elections, jointly campaigning in the 2010 UK General Election for much-needed practical and political reform”

Referenda for the People

- on European Union membership to control our borders and halt immigration.

Fairness for the People

1) English Parliament in England

2) Scottish Referendum on independence in Scotland

3) Welsh Parliament

Justice for the People

- Army Style punishment “Boot Camps” for convicted criminals

Nationality of the People

-Citizenship is a privilege not a right – no convictions for 10 years.

Reform for the People

Proportional representation in elections.