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Sally Smith

Support me to help reduce EU's financial excesses and inappropriate legislation
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Candidate for the South West (Top of the List)

Why would you like to represent your region?
Today other countries are flouting EU regulations to protect their workers while we poor British are following every minute directive from our European law makers however damaging they are to our local economy and lives.

In bountiful times, we can afford to help our less affluent European partners. Now those times have gone (although doing this through the EU whose accounts have still not been officially signed off has always been a dubious practice). Concepts that could have worked such as the common agricultural and fisheries policies have been skewed to offer many areas and certainly the UK more problems than help. The European Parliament is increasingly legislating in areas that should be under the control of our own proven parliamentary system here. It is extraordinary that so much power has been relinquished without the endorsement of the people of the UK. We urgently need to reclaim control of our laws and our finances.

My main objective is to lift the veil of complexity and secrecy from the European Parliament and report back so everyone in my home region knows more about what is going on - good and bad.

The south west can seem a long way from Brussels, but I want to raise a passion among the electorate here for change and involvement and I will carry this fight to the European Parliament, lobbying other MEPs to vote OUT laws and regulations that are deemed damaging or with little benefit to the UK and the south west.

Strongly campaigning against all the unnecessary bureaucracy and regulations that are stifling local business growth and draining our economy will be key for the region - and of course for the UK as a whole.

Areas of interest - reasons and personal views

Area : Borders and Migration
Reason : The world’s population is soaring. There has to be a finite limit to how many people Britain and Europe can absorb. The key is to help other countries raise their living standards rather than threaten our own life styles by placing unacceptable burdens on our finances and culture through uncontrolled immigration. Britain and Europe must address its immigration policies and borders as a matter of urgency. Gibraltar is part of our SW region and I am very aware different border requirements exist there.

Views : I will be lobbying on a wide platform covering key issues that affect the lives of people in the South West and indeed across Britain. We all need housing, health services that work, good educational, legal and transport systems. Over regulation, petty bureaucracy and of course excess expenditure all need to be urgently addressed. I will also be acting to ensure that the UK and SW obtains maximum benefit from existing grants and other resources.

As your MEP, I will not be able to dictate all the agendas at the European Parliament, but I will work very hard indeed to make a serious difference.

Area : Housing and Planning
Reason : When I worked with a local housing association, I was appalled by the long waiting lists. Central to any civilised society is the provision of comfortable secure housing for everyone, comprising a mix of affordable private plus available social housing.

Additional housing is central to the regeneration of run down areas. With careful planning, we can also build and protect our countryside too. I'll be on a quest to draw back funding from the EU so that it goes where it should - benefitting our country and the SW.

Views : See personal views under Areas of Interest No 1 above.

Area : Business/Management/Enterprise
Reason : We can no longer afford to offer so much support to other countries when businesses here in the south west and across the country are finding things so incredibly tough. I will lobby hard to ensure our region obtains maximum benefit from any EU initiatives and grants and I will also do everything I can so that onerous and unnecessary restrictions and laws in the workplace are removed.

Views : See personal views under Areas of Interest No 1 above.

Other political issues of interest

The ideal of unpaid MPs and MEPs working for the good of the people and country is very appealing but sadly unrealistic. Today, however, we have too many "career" politicians who know everything about process and little about the realities of keeping a job and raising a family in modern Britain. For MEPs, the balance appears to be on strengthening the European Parliament's role even when detrimental to the life of everyday people. This needs to change as a matter of real urgency.

Summary of life and career

Mother's family from Devon. Grammar school educated, successful journalist (ex Daily Mail, BBC); writer (books published by Michael Joseph and Rigby) and business woman now running own successful PR agency. Sportswoman (ex British and Australian national teams). Husband farming background, helped with livestock on family property. Married, three children, widely travelled, lived overseas in places as diverse as Cairo and Singapore and seen range of different political systems. Now horrified at damage being inflicted on Britain and West Country by poor policies and unworldly or self serving politicians.

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  • Dorothy Chambers
    by Dorothy Chambers 9 years ago
    I like your balance. I'm for EU but can see its faults. Germans and others do to we should creat groups across EU to focus on parts of legislation which are particularly bad. For example Devon cream having to be forcable homaganised thus distroying heritage food [ the individual tast of cream unique to a farm ] while a region of Germany with apples which have no shelf life but have been for centuries made into a local jam and other recipeis giving the region part of its identity is suffering the same burocratic problem as Devon's farm's individual farm house cream [ not cream from all over Devon homoganized. We often think all the rest love the EU but all EU's ordinary people have a set of problems in common.
    Dorothy Chambers
  • big brother
    by big brother 9 years ago
    My family have been fighting for Human Rights against New Labour since 2002 when our daughter was raped in a Gang Bang rape. One of her attackers David Robert Hoskins admitted to police that he had indecently assaulted my daughter whilst the other man was raping her. The reason neither man was brought to trial was because Hoskins was associated with a man who was a teacher at a Coventry school where his elder siblings went to school. This teacher Phillip Blundell was the former Labour Mayor of Rugby he had very liberal views about crime and punishment and had used his political position in 1996 to persuade a senior policeman and someone at the CPS to withhold evidence from court about the quantity of drugs David Robert Hoskins then aged 15 had on him when he was caught drug dealing. Councillor Blundell thus fixed a court case. When Hoskins came out of Onley Young Offenders Centre after a far shorter sentence than he might expected. But rather than being thankful to Phillip Blundell and Chief Inspector Slater for fixing the evidence Hoskins instead blackmailed them into fixing more and more serious criminal offences. Until David Hoskins was happily engaging in sexual assaults on children, He knew he could get away with it. The Mail on Sunday is among a number of newspapers who have covered this story see following my appearance on BBC TV News an underworld source told me why David hoskins could admit Indecent Assault (Which is a criminal offence) and yet not face trial. Until recently Phillip Blundell was Chairman of Warwickshire Police Authority. I can prove that underworld source Trevor Case was telling me the truth when he pointed the finger at "Councillor Blundell" and a "Chief of Police" this person being former Chie Inspector Michael Slater who was in charge of Rugby police. I have an experienced magistrate supporting my claims. This is really political dynamite because former Home Office Minister Tony McNaulty MP is mixed up in this serious scandel. Want more info email