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Alan Wallace

I am an ordinary working man, disillusioned by the political process.
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My background and experience qualifies me as an Everyman with a deep understanding of the issues and challenges facing everyone in Scotland today. I feel it is important that Scotland's voice is strongly heard in Europe in order to prevent a centrally-focused bureaucracy treating Scotland as an irrelevance. The diversity of life in Scotland from rural islands to thriving urban centres presents a unique set of needs and aspirations that requires someone with a diverse life experience.

Areas of interest - reasons and personal views

Area : Communities and Equalities
Reason : I feel the nature of our society and community is changing at a rate many people find bewildering. At a time when old certainties are disappearing, top-down government is driving acceptance of changes in a way that doesn't reflect the fears and feelings of real people. We should not be forced to feel abnormal or extreme when voicing our opinions. The very real concerns of communities must be recognised and taken into consideration at all times.
Views : The great social experiment upon which we have all been embarked upon has split the country. I am neither Right nor Left, but recognise that a good policy is one that doesn't need a three line whip and should be supported as a good policy by reasonable people whether it comes from the Political Right or Left. Too many of our communities have become the victims of an ideological war. It's time to have a government of people, not a people governed.

Area : Defence
Reason : Having joined the Royal Navy directly from school, this is an area close to my heart.
Views : I feel we are fighting a war on a peacetime budget and the strain is damaging our armed forces. We must either give our forces the tools to do the job properly or decide if the job is worth doing. It is ludicrous that at this time of overstretch, the government is considering slashing the Territorial Army.

Area : Education and Skills
Reason : I have returned to Higher Education twice as a mature student and have a step-son who struggled in school with ADHD & Dyslexia.
Views : I think it's time for politicians to stop meddling in Education, it's far too important an area for political busybodies with a five-year attention span. Our children aren't playthings for politicians to make headlines with.

Other political issues of interest

The EU has, by design or accident, become somewhat distanced from ordinary people in Scotland. It's something that is regarded as "they" or "them". Far too often it only makes the news due to some misunderstood negative headline. I want to work to show that the EU brings benefits as well as responsibilities. It's something that we are all part of, it's time to make the most of the relationship. A strong Scottish voice is essential to protect Scottish interests such as fishing and agriculture.

Summary of life and career

I am married with a disabled wife and one step-son. I have had a varied career from the Royal Navy to labouring to middle management. I have had my own businesses and lived in various parts of the UK. I had a good comprehensive education, studied for an HND in the Arts and am currently studying for a BSc with the Open University. I have been a salesman for the last 6 years, bringing me into contact with businesses throughout Scotland.

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  • big brother
    by big brother 9 years ago
    My family have been fighting for Human Rights against New Labour since 2002 when our daughter was raped in a Gang Bang rape. One of her attackers David Robert Hoskins admitted to police that he had indecently assaulted my daughter whilst the other man was raping her. The reason neither man was brought to trial was because Hoskins was associated with a man who was a teacher at a Coventry school where his elder siblings went to school. This teacher Phillip Blundell was the former Labour Mayor of Rugby he had very liberal views about crime and punishment and had used his political position in 1996 to persuade a senior policeman and someone at the CPS to withhold evidence from court about the quantity of drugs David Robert Hoskins then aged 15 had on him when he was caught drug dealing. Councillor Blundell thus fixed a court case. When Hoskins came out of Onley Young Offenders Centre after a far shorter sentence than he might expected. But rather than being thankful to Phillip Blundell and Chief Inspector Slater for fixing the evidence Hoskins instead blackmailed them into fixing more and more serious criminal offences. Until David Hoskins was happily engaging in sexual assaults on children, He knew he could get away with it. The Mail on Sunday is among a number of newspapers who have covered this story see following my appearance on BBC TV News an underworld source told me why David hoskins could admit Indecent Assault (Which is a criminal offence) and yet not face trial. Until recently Phillip Blundell was Chairman of Warwickshire Police Authority. I can prove that underworld source Trevor Case was telling me the truth when he pointed the finger at "Councillor Blundell" and a "Chief of Police" this person being former Chie Inspector Michael Slater who was in charge of Rugby police. I have an experienced magistrate supporting my claims. This is really political dynamite because former Home Office Minister Tony McNaulty MP is mixed up in this serious scandel. Want more info email