Jeremy Spencer

Jeremy Spencer

Liberal globalist carrying the love and lessons of British History.
West Midlands (3rd)
United Kingdom
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Candidate for the West Midlands (3rd on the List)

Why would you like to represent your region?

I would promote the principles of small government, co-operation with other regions and nations to achieve global solutions for environmental, economic, educational and social advantage.

But I believe that those fine ends can only be achieved by the efforts of individuals, working for selfish purpose but towards common goals and guided by common British values of fairness, equality, freedom of speech and expression always recognizing individual responsibility.

I would work for less law, more fairly applied and drafted with the consent of the people and not simply to satisfy a political party or foreign demands. I support equality and tolerance except for the intolerant. I despise corruption.

I desire a society that is fair, free and fun. I want to live in an economy that offers opportunity at the humblest level but frustrates sharp practice and abuse. An economic system that brings unity with strangers, through fair exchange of goods, services and ideas, and not virtual imprisonment via regulation, treaty or gospel.

It would be my privilege to represent and champion the people of the West Midlands, according to these aspirations and ideals. But at all times I will be aware that the European Parliament and the European Government have only borrowed the people's sovereignty. Our Parliament is this nation's only legitimate legislature with authority that cannot be bound by previous or other Parliaments.

Areas of interest - reasons and personal views

Area : Agriculture and Food
Reason : I want more food produced from our own resources and more support for small farmers and projects in permaculture. Find ways of funding affordable houses in smaller communities and support local services - locally accountable. Fishermen given the sole benefit of our national waters.
Views : I want more food produced from our own resources and more support for small farmers and projects in permaculture. Find ways of funding affordable houses in smaller communities and support local services - locally governed. The restoration of our fishing industry to full national waters.

Area : Borders and Migration
Reason : I live in a country with long and proud history. I believe that Britain has been and is a force for good in the world and British people, youth particularly, should be encouraged to play a role on the global stage, not just this corner of Europe.
Views : I support multi-racism and not recognise multiculturalism. Europeans must be allowed time and space to discover their own collective identity - and not have it forced on them by some impenetrable treaty. Uncontrolled immigration must come to an immediate stop, and restricted to those willing to fully embrace the language and values on which our society has been historically built.

Area : Business/Management/Enterprise
Reason : After considerable exposure to British business and management I recognise the advantage talent this bestows on our society, and the limitations. Innovation and enterprise are essential for a healthy economy and barriers to participation injurious.
Views : Wherever appropriate, small government, local government and directly elected officials and representatives while always taking care to ensure that these platforms are not hijacked by zealots and fundamentalists. I would work to archive a more virile, flexible and honest business environment.

Other political issues of interest

I want a health care system that provides the best to the least, but is good enough to attract paying customers from abroad. A health service that can serve the country and help the disadvantaged world with more foreign aid spent training foreign Doctors, nurses and teachers. An education system that offers every talented child the means to achieve, that builds confidence and encourages effort and success at every level. I want parents to recognise ownership and responsibility in that task.

Summary of life and career

Started out as a trainee accountant - hated the box ticking and timesheets. Sauntered towards a career in technology. First with a short job at Chubbs but was made redundant after shocking the ladies in the wages office with predictions about computer technology. Eeek!

Started Computer science course at Keele and took the opportunity of cheering for Norman Tebbit amongst a rally of bellowing students. Also stuffed the student union with student friendly scheme to free up the bookselling market at Keele.

Failed the maths - got a job - after some insistence - with a small publishing team in Ludlow - fresh thinking guys rocking the world of games magazine publishing. Such fun, such a teriffic time - thanks to all at Newsfield. So sweet but too short a time.
Via the man who got Alan Sugar into computers - the ever wise William Pole - ended up steering and running Felix Dennis' proclaimed crown jewels of publishing - Computer Shopper. A massive cash cow for Dennis Publishing that I directed for 15 years - with the stalwart help of some magnificent people.

You know who you are - my heartfelt thanks. Also discovered corporate stupidity and ignorance fought it and for the most part won - to Felix's advantage I like to feel. After 15 years I and my team suddenly became persona non gratia. Shopper has since ceased to be the favoured mag of the tech community - can't think why.

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  • big brother
    by big brother 9 years ago
    My family have been fighting for Human Rights against New Labour since 2002 when our daughter was raped in a Gang Bang rape. One of her attackers David Robert Hoskins admitted to police that he had indecently assaulted my daughter whilst the other man was raping her. The reason neither man was brought to trial was because Hoskins was associated with a man who was a teacher at a Coventry school where his elder siblings went to school. This teacher Phillip Blundell was the former Labour Mayor of Rugby he had very liberal views about crime and punishment and had used his political position in 1996 to persuade a senior policeman and someone at the CPS to withhold evidence from court about the quantity of drugs David Robert Hoskins then aged 15 had on him when he was caught drug dealing. Councillor Blundell thus fixed a court case. When Hoskins came out of Onley Young Offenders Centre after a far shorter sentence than he might expected. But rather than being thankful to Phillip Blundell and Chief Inspector Slater for fixing the evidence Hoskins instead blackmailed them into fixing more and more serious criminal offences. Until David Hoskins was happily engaging in sexual assaults on children, He knew he could get away with it. The Mail on Sunday is among a number of newspapers who have covered this story see following my appearance on BBC TV News an underworld source told me why David hoskins could admit Indecent Assault (Which is a criminal offence) and yet not face trial. Until recently Phillip Blundell was Chairman of Warwickshire Police Authority. I can prove that underworld source Trevor Case was telling me the truth when he pointed the finger at "Councillor Blundell" and a "Chief of Police" this person being former Chie Inspector Michael Slater who was in charge of Rugby police. I have an experienced magistrate supporting my claims. This is really political dynamite because former Home Office Minister Tony McNaulty MP is mixed up in this serious scandel. Want more info email