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Jules Sherrington

Christian and now motivated to restore the UK role model of honesty & integrity!
Eastern (4th)
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Candidate for the Eastern Region (4th on the List)

Why would you like to represent your region?

I passionately believe that there is nothing nobler than public service, in contrast to the current political notion that Self-Service Rules OK! My views long resided in the apolitical mezzanine floor in relation to party politics, On the 7th March 07, I received a wake-up call and realisation to the very disturbing, politically generated creeping and systematic attack on, and potential destruction of, our UK democracy and constitution regionally and nationally, ultimately abolishing the core and important rights and freedoms which we and our forefathers in all regions have fought to defend and maintain against tyranny throughout UK history. Historic fact supports the notion that 'today’s subversively labelled Individual maybe tomorrows Model Citizen elected democratically'. Subvert this argument and the reverse applies! With this in mind, my efforts need focus on the democratic, constitutional and moral principle that government of the people, should be by the people we are honoured to represent, by consensus, an advantage that is only afforded by electing an Independent Representative, unfettered by the motives or desires of dictatorial party political whips bent on using duress to achieve their aims. Like it or not, there exists an increasing groundswell of public discontent amongst the majority of voters in the UK who are sick to the back teeth of our non-open government and now wish for restoration of our once practised principles of honesty and integrity, fair play & justice for all.

Areas of interest - reasons and personal views

Area : European and Foreign Affairs

Reason : On Wednesday 7th March 2007, unannounced in the commons, and practically in secret, the Prime Minister, Tony Blair abolished the Non political Privy Council Office! An act of constitutional vandalism, and one of many New Labour's attacks in its sustained war against the integrity of the British state, and independent public institutions, on the same day as a commons vote on Lords reform, towards establishing a fully elected, whip controlled Lords! Yet another 2 nails in our democratic Coffin!

Views : Members, both European and nationally are charged with the responsibility and moral duty of Collective Guardianship and given a mandate, conferred upon them by those they seek to represent, from the moment they accept candidature and eventual election as the chosen parliamentary member by their regional electorate. Henceforth, they are faithfully entrusted to use that mandate in a positive and defensive manner to uphold the safekeeping of our lawful UK constitution, and EU legislation in force.

Area : Finance/Trade/Economics

Reason : There are many pots of EU funding to dip into for approved UK regional schemes and if elected, I would use my best endeavours in lobbying to secure as many of these EU grants available for East of England coastal and inland regenerative initiatives, including historic preservation in the region that would benefit people in the community, financially, culturally and aesthetically, together with innovative new commercial business start-ups harnessing existing schemes to promote job creation.

Views : I believe that it would not be unreasonable to expect MEPs to hold more frequent surgeries in their regional constituency providing a greater opportunity for the electorate to meet their EU representatives to exchange views and discuss current local and regional issues relating to the work in progress. I feel it is of utmost importance to involve the constituents in decisions that affect them. As an Independent MEP, I would hold a day/evening walk in surgery every quarter at a convenient venue.

Area : Health and Social Care

Reason : Having a son that is registered disabled, I am acutely aware of the varied problems experienced as a result, that can impact negatively on the individual in society. Given the fact that 10 million, one sixth of our population is disabled in one form or another, it would fair and natural to assume that a growing need exists for authorities to take a greater responsibility and interest in utilising every available opportunity to support these individuals in our community. We have a duty of care.

Views : Their ambitions and desires to participate in all aspects of work and social activities enjoyed by the UK population should be fostered in every other way beyond that impairment, they are happy and willing to perform an active role wherever possible in our community.

We have a moral duty to assist the less able, as they are equally entitled as the rest of us to aspire to, enjoy and benefit from the pride of UK life, with the right to vote, work and play as mainstream community individuals.

Other political issues of interest

Like the vast majority of level headed rational people in the UK, I abhor extremism of any description, in whatever form it chooses to manifest itself, and gratuitous violence is no exception. Dramatic increases in street crime and lawless behaviour, is due perhaps in part, from a lack of parental control and discipline resulting in an absence of respect for others. We need the return of Police foot patrols. Sentencing is in some cases too lenient, not reflecting the gravity of violent crime.

Summary of life and career

Born London 1953, inventor son of a retired British Diplomat, Civil Servant and Teacher. Educated at a good Comprehensive School in West London, and 3 years later in 1967 we moved to Kent where I completed my GCE O levels, went on to Canterbury College to commence A levels, but quit owing to the premature death of my father, which affected me quite badly. From college in 1971 entered my first paid employment as a Sales Managers Assistant with Mann Egerton Motor Group. 1973 took up employment with Marley Group as an Accounts Management Trainee, Married in 1974 and switched to a Banking Job as a Senior clerk in 1977. Divorced in 79, went on to obtain a PSV licence working in public transport with various companies whilst training as a security sales engineer, working independently as an Inventor and in Sales Management for Dentronic Ltd. throughout a period of 10 years. Married in 1986, had 2 children, moved to Hertfordshire in 1994 and ran a Recruitment Publishing business CV Times in London. 1989 to present doing some full and part time PSV work including London Transport. 2001 Developed a new product with funding from 2 wealthy businessmen, travelled to China 2003 to oversee my new product in manufacture. Divorced 2004. Met my current wife whom I married in 2005, and have since helped her in our TCM therapy business.

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  • big brother
    by big brother 9 years ago
    My family have been fighting for Human Rights against New Labour since 2002 when our daughter was raped in a Gang Bang rape. One of her attackers David Robert Hoskins admitted to police that he had indecently assaulted my daughter whilst the other man was raping her. The reason neither man was brought to trial was because Hoskins was associated with a man who was a teacher at a Coventry school where his elder siblings went to school. This teacher Phillip Blundell was the former Labour Mayor of Rugby he had very liberal views about crime and punishment and had used his political position in 1996 to persuade a senior policeman and someone at the CPS to withhold evidence from court about the quantity of drugs David Robert Hoskins then aged 15 had on him when he was caught drug dealing. Councillor Blundell thus fixed a court case. When Hoskins came out of Onley Young Offenders Centre after a far shorter sentence than he might expected. But rather than being thankful to Phillip Blundell and Chief Inspector Slater for fixing the evidence Hoskins instead blackmailed them into fixing more and more serious criminal offences. Until David Hoskins was happily engaging in sexual assaults on children, He knew he could get away with it. The Mail on Sunday is among a number of newspapers who have covered this story see www.wurzelbush.co.uk/p.htm following my appearance on BBC TV News an underworld source told me why David hoskins could admit Indecent Assault (Which is a criminal offence) and yet not face trial. Until recently Phillip Blundell was Chairman of Warwickshire Police Authority. I can prove that underworld source Trevor Case was telling me the truth when he pointed the finger at "Councillor Blundell" and a "Chief of Police" this person being former Chie Inspector Michael Slater who was in charge of Rugby police. I have an experienced magistrate supporting my claims. This is really political dynamite because former Home Office Minister Tony McNaulty MP is mixed up in this serious scandel. Want more info email enquiries@justice4us.org.uk