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I believe in upholding Human Rights for EVERYONE and challenging discrimination
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Candidate for the Eastern Region (2nd on the List)

Having researched many of the problems in Society and the causes of those problems, it is frustrating that none of the other political parties in this country want to address the REAL issues. Whilst they have identified the problems (albeit mainly just the SYMPTOMS), most of their policies are basically 'more of the same'. In the absence of a real difference between the parties, in my opinion it appears that voters have lost interest in the electoral system and the numbers voting have declined.

I believe that in order to change things, you need to be in parliament and in power. I believe that by being an elected member offering a real difference in approach, based on my wide knowledge of the existing problems and wide research on the likely causes, I can offer a new and refreshing approach to tackling the real causes of 'Break down Britain'

Areas of interest - reasons and personal views

Area : Justice/Crime/Security

Reason : Anti-Discrimination - I believe that everyone should have equal opportunity without prejudice and discrimination. I believe that children should have the best possible chances in life - this means encouraging and rewarding families for staying together. Alternatively, encouraging and rewarding parents for staying in contact with their children after separation. Both parents are equally important to the children and should be treated equally after separation, unlike the current unfair system.

Views : I believe the system should be changed to equalise opportunities for men to be fathers and the 'Winner takes All' system of giving 100% of the benefits and tax credits associated with having children to the primary carer, 95% of the time the mother, should be ended and should be shared either by agreement or if no agreement then equally. Children need TWO parents. None of the other political parties believe this in spite of all the evidence that two parents are better for children than one.

Area : Health and Social Care

Reason : Anti-discrimination - I believe that men deserve equal access to health prevention as women - I believe in a National HEALTH service, not a national ILL service - I believe in annual Medical Overview Tests for people to identify problems early as prevention is better than cure and early identification of illnesses gives better long-term results. I believe in equal access for the elderly who currently receive less favourable treatment from the NHS.

Views : Men should have free screening for prostate cancer, help and support for testicular cancer and equal access to GP surgeries by being able to register at home and at work. Treatment should be based on medical need not age or gender. Access to accident and emergency services and out-patients services should be based around local access, perhaps at GP surgeries and not centralised at huge inaccessible sites like Addenbrookes. Services should be available when people need them not to suit the NHS.

Area : Justice/Crime/Security

Reason : Tony Blair said in 1997, that Labour would be 'tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime'. Whilst the number of offences and the number of 'police' has increased, as has the number of prisoners (80,000 men and 4000 women), the fear of crime is worse than ever. They have NOT reduced or tackled the causes of crime, but made them worse. Existing political parties are trapped in political dogma and cannot change direction without being accused of hypocrisy. Hence a new approach needed - JURY TEAM

Views : I believe that bringing up our children is the most important task we do in this life. If we are good parents, then our children have the best chance of growing up to be law-abiding, well-balanced members of society. If we do it wrong then our children are more likely to be criminals. I believe to really tackle the causes of crime we need policies to encourage and reward families for staying together, not punish them.

Other political issues of interest

I support the Jury Team's abolition of the party 'whip'. The party whip has resulted in the loss of conviction politicians - to vote for or represent any major party, you have to give up your own views and simply become a clone for the leadership of the party. Disagreements with the leadership are not allowed and hence a back-bencher has little opportunity to change the direction of the leadership of their political party. I believe that politicians should represent ALL views of ALL the voters.

Summary of life and career

I am a qualified Engineer and started up and ran a computer networking business in Cambridge for over 20 years. I then retrained as a Solicitor specialising in family law and qualified in October 2008.

I have been interested in politics, Human Rights and discrimination issues for most of my adult life. As a separated dad, I have had first hand experience of the unfairness and discrimination against separated parents throughout the benefits and tax credits system in this country.

More recently I have been trained as a general adviser with the Citizens Advice Bureau and have been actively campaigning on many issues raised as a result of clients' problems. I am therefore aware of many of the most serious institutionalised discrimination issues in the UK and have developed policies to change the way we do things in this country, which I believe will improve the future prospects of most of the people.

By focussing on children and making changes to improve their likely future outcomes, the long-term future of the country can be enhanced.

Under any of the major political parties, the future outlook for children is bleak. This is because none of the major parties are prepared to say that children brought up in broken families are significantly more likely to become criminals, fail at school, become teenage parents, have mental health problems, commit suicide, become alcoholics, drug-users and have broken families themselves.

We must break out of this negative spiral in a new way.

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  • big brother
    by big brother 9 years ago
    My family have been fighting for Human Rights against New Labour since 2002 when our daughter was raped in a Gang Bang rape. One of her attackers David Robert Hoskins admitted to police that he had indecently assaulted my daughter whilst the other man was raping her. The reason neither man was brought to trial was because Hoskins was associated with a man who was a teacher at a Coventry school where his elder siblings went to school. This teacher Phillip Blundell was the former Labour Mayor of Rugby he had very liberal views about crime and punishment and had used his political position in 1996 to persuade a senior policeman and someone at the CPS to withhold evidence from court about the quantity of drugs David Robert Hoskins then aged 15 had on him when he was caught drug dealing. Councillor Blundell thus fixed a court case. When Hoskins came out of Onley Young Offenders Centre after a far shorter sentence than he might expected. But rather than being thankful to Phillip Blundell and Chief Inspector Slater for fixing the evidence Hoskins instead blackmailed them into fixing more and more serious criminal offences. Until David Hoskins was happily engaging in sexual assaults on children, He knew he could get away with it. The Mail on Sunday is among a number of newspapers who have covered this story see www.wurzelbush.co.uk/p.htm following my appearance on BBC TV News an underworld source told me why David hoskins could admit Indecent Assault (Which is a criminal offence) and yet not face trial. Until recently Phillip Blundell was Chairman of Warwickshire Police Authority. I can prove that underworld source Trevor Case was telling me the truth when he pointed the finger at "Councillor Blundell" and a "Chief of Police" this person being former Chie Inspector Michael Slater who was in charge of Rugby police. I have an experienced magistrate supporting my claims. This is really political dynamite because former Home Office Minister Tony McNaulty MP is mixed up in this serious scandel. Want more info email enquiries@justice4us.org.uk