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Reconnecting communities and reducing inequality
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I realise - more and more - that what I need to live a fulfilled life has little to do with financial gain, and more to do with the connectedness of the world and my place within it.

Healthy and insightful individuals in supportive families and in creative & prosperous communities are critical in my mind for an inclusive and balanced world; where life improves because it puts these things first, and in doing this realises the positive impact it will have on generations to come. Therefore, being able to support and represent a local region and its communities - whilst informing debate at European level - will hopefully help policy makers to understand and gain insight into why a more holistic, connected and supportive approach to life is one that will bring fulfilment, equality and increased understanding about the most meaningful ways for society to progress.

Growth for the sake of growth is not a good enough reason to strive for it; this is progress without meaning. When we can deeply understand and articulate accurately why we do things at any level then action and progress comes with meaning.

I will constantly be questioning and challenging why we do things, especially when a sense of purpose or meaning in those decisions - that are for the benefit of all - is lacking. Local decisions are informed accurately and positively when this level of awareness is included in the debate and this is what I will campaign for.

Areas of interest - reasons and personal views

Area : Education and Skills

Reason : I'm passionate about learning and supporting the learning of others; particularly consciousness. I believe with a greater understanding of ourselves, the world around us and our connectedness to it; the more likely we are to unlock our full potential, as well as understand how to support others to unlock their potential.

Views : I believe the current education system - in general - fails to allow our children to develop an open mind and does not promote awareness of how they can achieve their full potential. I believe we need to offer a much broader curriculum, that not only educates in a stimulating and creative way, but places more emphasis on useful life skills whilst developing personal insight. We invariably limit our children's choices at a time when they haven't developed enough consciousness to make accurate decisions for themselves.

Area : Communities and Equalities

Reason : As I learn more about myself, I become aware of what I actually need to live. On a personal level these means more connectedness to those around me; starting with those who are closest, from family, through to neighbours and local communities to the regional, national and global communities of which we are all part. It also means a realisation of what I don't actually need to live, those things that have in the past substituted my need for meaning.

Views : I believe individuals should be encouraged to explore their own personal needs to create a fulfilling and meaningful life. If this is encouraged, the excesses that have characterised the last few decades in the modern western world might be challenged and replaced with alternatives where everyone can prosper and benefit from a raised standard of living but where business and life can progress with a true sense of purpose. Progress without meaning has arguably lead to the current world condition.

Area : Business/Management/Enterprise

Reason : I spent the first ten years of my career working in large global companies before setting up my own business. I believe that business can be fulfilling, meaningful and profitable but you can only achieve this balance by being mindful of its impact on the individual, wider community and perhaps - more critically - future generations. Through the development of consciousness in individuals, teams and businesses, more awareness of this balance can be developed.

Views : There is currently an acute emphasis on shareholder returns for much of business activity and I believe this is not a sustainable or healthy approach to business. Corporate social responsibility and environmental policies are often not seriously supported, and individuals are unable to align their own personal needs with that of organisations with profit making as their core purpose. I believe this situation is partly to blame for the current economic condition. A much more holistic approach to business is possible.

Other political issues of interest

Many feel that there is a compromise required when dealing with the dilemmas of a growing global population and the strain on the natural world. I believe that this doesn't need to be the case, and that with more insightful and clearly understood decision making at all levels of government these frustrations and anxieties will disappear. Ensuring this discipline of decision making takes place is clearly a major challenge but one that can, I don't believe, be ignored.

Summary of life and career

I was born and raised in the UK. I've lived all across the country in various cities, (and also for a couple of years overseas), and I am now settled in Hertfordshire. I'm a graduate of Warwick University and Warwick Business School. A divorced father of one. I climbed the career ladder fairly successfully for ten years in the area of Human Resources and particularly organisational design, talent management and leadership development. Two years ago I set up my own business specifically to help individuals live the life they want by developing consciousness. I also help teams and individuals unlock their potential by gaining insight and behaving with integrity to the meaning this insight brings to them. More simply put, I support others to understand why they do things and what they need to live the life they want.

I'm a regular commentator in the HR press and presenter at related conferences. I arrange conferences for others to come together to discuss and explore the issues that hold them back from being the people they want to be.

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