Celebrity or Local Worthy?

Tue, Aug 18 2009 09:32pm BST 1
Dominic James
Dominic James
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We all know the argument for recruiting celebrities - it jumpstarts the media interest in a way that few other methods do. But are we overlooking excellent local candidates, people who have been working in their communities for years but have never had the opportunity to stand?

How do we find such candidates?
Are we offering the kind of platform such candidates would find attractive?
How do we generate media interest around such candidates?
Tue, Aug 18 2009 10:12pm BST 2
Austin Compson-Bradford
Austin Compson-Bradford
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Good local candidates are often celebrities in there own area, I have over the years met many people, who may not be known nationally, but in there communities are the celebrities. I think both have a roll to play. the national celebrity gains the headlines, but the local one wins the votes.
We need to attract both.

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