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Mon, Jun 8 2009 03:31pm BST 1
Steve Lawrence
Steve Lawrence
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Some Ideas for campaigning and spending what time we have before the next election to make sure We can communicate our policies and what the Jury Team stand for to the public....

Leaflet homes as much as funds will allow.

Leaflet your town centres at the busiest times regularly. (Not sure if you will need to apply for a hawker’s license. Check with your local authority)

If funds will allow take a shop on a short term rental or even a weekly market stall , use any ideas you can to draw people to you, have questionnaires on hand and ask them to fill them out as a way to canvass their concerns at both a local and national level.

Don't spout your policies at them.

Formulate your policies around their answers. (Include them in your policy making)

Ask people who seem interested in your ideas, if they would like to play an active part in, Your election campaign, by volunteering some of their spare time.

Organise events and advertise them in your local papers.

Anything that will give you that face to face contact with the people.

All the time driving the Jury Team Name forward.

Think of simple basic ways to communicate your ideas and what you stand for.
( Don't over compicate it)

If you find something that works contact other members of the jury team and tell them about it.

Ask other Jury team members to help out and in return you can help them out.

Organise yourselves into area groups, work out a rota system to go out as groups to canvass one another’s areas.

We all have to work together even though we are independent of one another. The work has to start right now, we have so much to do and so little time to do it, especially if there is an election called for later this year. We need to be ready.

We may not be a political party but, we must organise ourselves to be able to get our ideas across to the electorate.

Post your'own suggestions and ideas, so we can all benefit form them.

Steve Diffin

Mon, Jun 8 2009 04:43pm BST 2
Graham Burton
Graham Burton
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i agree steve we need to organise has this helps and i think wht you said is spot on o we need to get the message out thei i am trying to get a letter in the b'ham vening mail to say thank to the voters that voted jury team and than advertise the email and phone number site, but can we hear of JT HQ about the west minister election stuff as we have so much to do and little time to do it.
Mon, Jun 8 2009 08:25pm BST 3
Jason Garrett
Jason Garrett
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Town Centre meet and greet sessions. Talk to the local people you want to represent, see what they want and ask them how they think they can make the change. Help empower them, make them feel the have a voice, and we can be their mouth piece.
Mon, Aug 17 2009 08:46pm BST 4
Dorothy Chambers
Dorothy Chambers
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Be for starting my own campaign if I were to stand as Candidate, I would be willing to leaflet Birmingham centre one or two saturdays. I don'have a clue what price or what address I would buy our National leaflets from.
We are to show initiative - fair enough _ but som e things like national leaflets need to be bought in bulk and then distributed.
Would some one from the June 4th election take on this basic job for Jt and encourage town centre leafletting?
Can we have a conference on -line as well as a face to face conference? This I suggest as 4 are signed up for conference and 4 undecided for september 17th.
Yours Dorothy Chambers Birmingham
Tue, Aug 18 2009 09:22am BST 5
Austin Compson-Bradford
Austin Compson-Bradford
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yes I feel that would be a great iea perhaps we could do something with the computers at the conference

Sat, Oct 31 2009 10:23pm GMT 6
Lyn Tofari
Lyn Tofari
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Lovely to see such positive reponses. JT HQ, as Austin will tell you, is currently working on the glasgow NE by election. I would imagine that once that election is held, Nov 12, JT will be considering the next move after analysing the results. By the way John Smeaton is in 3rd place in Ladbrokes betting.
After being in Glasgow this week, to help in the campaign, I can only say that this is one hard constituency. Gangster control of certain areas, knife crime, unemployment, lack of funding and male life expectancy of 53 makes it not a happy place to be. Despite all that, the constituents I met were lovely welcoming people.
A happy interlude was at Springburn SHopping Centre when Mikey from Big Brother appeared with his feather duster and can of spray cleaner!

The press was out in force and I was surprised that Mikey warranted such a turnout, until I realised the BNP candidate was also canvassing and was awaiting th appearance of his Leader, he who shall not be named.

The 'buzz' was flying about the reporters. 'Is he in that blacked out car?', 'Heard he's still in Hamilton'. 'He's been egged!' The rumours flew thick and fast and the reporters and their cameramen were like a pack of hyenas looking for the dead meat. Who could tell them the truth?

The truth was that, yes, he was still in Hamilton and had been egged - wonderful!
Sun, Apr 4 2010 09:00pm BST 7
ian josephs
ian josephs
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In our so called "family courts" juries are urgently needed ,as they would offer the best solution to a multitude of flagrant injustices.
When parents in family courts are deprived for life of all contact with their own children for "risk of emotional abuse"(the most frequent reason for removal) and similar legally undefined predictions the hardship is immense and the injustices are manifest.
Establishment judges routinely and cautiously rubberstamp demands for "forced adoption" made by social services perhaps because one mistake would expose them to public castigation !Evidence from social workers (often unsupported allegations or hearsay)is too often preferred to that of the parents and their first hand witnesses.
A jury would have no such fears and no such bias.A jury would be most unlikely to "confiscate" new born babies for "risk of emotional abuse" or for "failure to protect children from witnessing domestic violence".(Battered women are now frightened to report their abusers to the police because social services are inevitably called in with the result that they lose their children permanently to forced adoption!)
What is more if she complains publicly she is jailed for contempt of court in a secret process! (Harriet Harman gave a figure of at least 200 such jailings every year!).
Juries already operate in civil courts to decide complicated cases of libel and of city tax frauds and would be well equipped to decide if permanent separation of parents and children was desirable or necessary.
I say "Bring on juries and lift the gag on parents!" Most of the injustices in the family courts would then disappear!

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