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The Party System
A forum to discuss all topics related to parties and the party system in Britain
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"RIP:)" - Alex Damms
Latest Post 7 years ago
A space to discuss and share ideas related to campaigning
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"IAN JOSEPHS wrote: In our so called "fam" - ian josephs
Latest Post 8 years ago
Full of discussions pertaining to Europe and the European Union
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"A very tricky issue as I know very many Greek Cypriots, being married to on" - Lyn Tofari
Latest Post 8 years ago
General Discussion
A general discussion forum for members of the network.
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"I wish you all the best   Hope you consider standing as an MPYour" - Dorothy Chambers
Latest Post 8 years ago
The Jury Team
A space to discuss all issues related to the Jury Team itself
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"the idea behind the name is that on a trial in a crown court you have 12 in" - Graham Burton
Latest Post 8 years ago
Current Affairs
A forum to discuss topical issues happening in the world of politics
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"Is she going to stand as an independent or has she struck (or holding out f" - William Jones
Latest Post 8 years ago